Burgundy Bins at Last!

Its finally happened, we’ve got proper kerbside recycling bins!

It’s taken a long time (7.5 years since we first asked), but finally we’ve got proper recycling facilities without having to cart big bags of recycling down to The Square, the supermarket or household waste recycling centre. Hopefully we’ll now see the recycling figures for Bolsover rise and a lot less paper blowing around the village on collection days.

So what can we put in?

All white, grey and brown cardboard such as cereal boxes, toothpaste boxes, ready meal outers (as long as they are clean) as well as boxes from deliveries etc. – Make sure you flatten them before putting them in the bin.
Food tins, drink cans
All your food tins (rinsed out), drinks cans and aerosol cans.
Plastic bottles
This is the big one for most people, plastic bottles. All your milk bottles, soft drinks bottles, toiletries and cleaner bottles can go in – once you’ve removed the lids (lids can’t be recycled yet), rinsed them out and squashed them of course.
Glass bottles and jars
Coffee jars, jam jars, baby food jars – they can all go in along with your wine bottles – once you’ve rinsed them and removed the lids (the lids can’t be recycled at the moment).
All your old (and clean) clothes, towels, bed sheets, curtains etc. can all go in, along with shoes tied in pairs – make sure you put them all inside a carrier bag first though.
All small household batteries such as AA, AAA, LR9, LR14, LR20, watch, mobile phone, torch and smoke alarm batteries can go in – one you’ve put them inside a carrier bag.

Unfortunately at the moment there are a few things that can’t be recycled in the burgundy bin, these are:

Orange juice, milk cartons etc. that are plastic lined Tetra Paks cannot be recycled yet.
Dense plastics
Toys, plates, cups, chairs etc.
Windows, cookware, pyrex, windscreens
Unfortunately these items will need to go to your local household recycling centre.
Plastic bags
These will need to go to your local supermarket in their collection bin.
Some plastics
Some plastics such as plastic films, food trays and yoghurt pots can’t be recycled at the moment anywhere.
Shredded paper & polystyrene
Unfortunately neither of these can be recycled

It’ll be okay, it’s only a little bit!

You might think so, but if you don’t follow the rules then your bin might not be emptied – which might seem a little bit harsh, but a few stray items could contaminate the whole load, which means it would have to go to landfill. If it goes to landfill then it costs us all money via our Council Tax due to landfill taxes.

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