Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 18th May 2011

The first Parish Council meeting for the newly elected Whitwell Parish Council has now taken place.  A number of issues were covered, along with the business of filling various committee posts on the council.  Updates from the District and County councillors were also provided.

Chair/Vice Chair

  • As noted in our post about the Chair/Vice Chair the positions have been filled by Cllr. Stuart Maiden and Cllr. Sandy Frow.


  • Establishment Review Working Group: Cllrs. Maiden, Frow, Mills
  • Footpaths Working Group: Cllrs. Ellis, Maiden, Munro
  • Hanging Baskets Working Group: Cllrs. Mills, Munro, Webster
  • Hedgerows Officer: Now incorporated in to Footpaths Working Group
  • Internal Audit Committee: Cllrs. Maiden, Frow, Raspin
  • Playscheme Working Group: Cllrs. Raspin, Frow, Maiden
  • Police Liason Committee: Dormant (due to excellent Police representation at Parish Council meetings)
  • Stone Piers Working Group: Cllrs. Maiden and Munro
  • Website Monitors: Cllrs. Ellis and Burdett
  • Whitwell Community Centre Management Committee: All councillors


  • It was discussed that Bolsover District Council in negotiations with EMDA (and their replacement body) over the land on Southfield Lane.
  • It was raised that Cllr. Duncan Kerr had turned down an invitation to stand on two committees – Planning and Licensing committees at Bolsover due to time constraints.


  • The issues of lorries in the village was once again raised, with a number of solutions proposed, one being an official alternative route for lorries, which had been tried in the past but stalled. The other being to have the road returned to its B-Road status, so that no lorries over 7.5T would be able to use it, regardless of their height – This has also been proposed in the past but stalled at County Council level, it should now be pursued again.


  • Dog fouling was again raised, and it was noted that the Parish Council could if it wished have staff trained to hand out on the spot fines for dog fouling for anyone caught in the act (well, their dog).  This is now being looked in to.
  • The Parish Council were thanked for their commitment to publish future documents in PDF format – making them available to a wider audience on their website.


  • Unfortunately due to system upgrades the police were unable to present any crime figures for April.  It was noted that certain individuals had been dealt with, which should result in lower figures going forward and that drug related arrests had been made a few days ago.


  • A letter was received from Network Rail about their intentions to install a new mast as part of their nationwide rail communication and signaling programme, where they stated an intention to consult with members of the public and inform them of the works (although they are not required to do so, due to their planning exemption for works regarding the safety of the railways).  Unfortunately the letter was dated May 10th 2011 – the mast was erected some time in April 2011.  Cllr. Munro suggested it was somewhat disingenuous of them to act in such a way and that a letter should be written to them asking that they actually carry out such future consultation before they carry out works.

Progress Reports

  • There were no progress reports this month from committees.


  • The accounts were formally approved.


  • It was proposed that the Parish Council look at the possability of purchasing the land Alkane wish to use, and that a valuation should be sought – unfortunately this took 30 minutes to decide due to a number new councillors asking questions about the site (such as position and size of the site, and land available either side and why Alkane had selected this site).

Next Meeting

The date of the next Parish Council meeting will be Wednesday 8th June – reverting back to the usual 2nd Wednesday of the month.

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