Whitwell Against Alkane Meeting – 9th June 2011

The June meeting of Whitwell Against Alkane took place last night at the Whitwell Community Centre, it was great to see how many people attended – but it’d be even better to see a lot more!


Updates on progress were provided by Duncan Kerr with information about what has been going on in the background and what is planned.  One of the main points made was that Alkane Energy did not expect the strong backlash from the community to their plans and it put them on the back foot – the more time we can make them spend in dealing with questions and objections the better.  The more time they spend on this, the more money it cost them and the less profitable it becomes.

Not Green

A reminder was given that this is not “green” energy as Alkane are claiming, as in the end it will most likely end up producing more CO2 than it saves, and crops grown specifically for digestion take away valuable land for growing food – pushing all of our food costs up at a time when things are already tough.  Alkane Energy still have not provided details on the Carbon Footprint for the plant, which to us indicates that they either do not know what it is, or that they know it gives a bad impression of the plant.

Alternative Uses

The other main area of discussion was on alternative uses for the site, preferably ones that will benefit local communities and create jobs for local people.

Other Views

Cllr. Ken Stevenson (Derbyshire) and Cllr. Duncan McGregor (Creswell with Elmton) both also spoke and gave their views and opinions on the issue, with some pointers for further investigation and ways of approaching the situation.

Cllr. Maiden also spoke to correct some factual errors that had been used in election leaflets recently, and that Whitwell Parish Council had indeed responded and given its views when asked – providing 18 questions it wanted to know the answers to.  It was also noted that Derybshire County Council had been using a 6 year old email address when sending information regarding the Alkane Energy development, wheras for other matters they had been using the correct email address – as yet Derbyshire County Council have offered no explantion or apology.


Whitwell Against Alkane will be holding another Race Night event, this time in Hodthorpe on the 23rd July 2011 – Keep an eye out for more details, everyone is welcome.

Whitwell Gala – The team are hopeful that they will have a local celebrity to carry out the draw in the WAA raffle.

Thank You

WAA thanked everyone for attending and continuing to provide support for the campaign as well as those who have delivered leaflets and sold raffle tickets.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled to take place on the 8th September 2011 at 7:30PM in the Whitwell Community Centre – Unless anything arises in the meantime in which case an emergency meeting will be convened.


No matter what happens with the land, even if it is purchased by Bolsover Council, Whitwell Parish Council or a Community Trust, our key focus still has to be on stopping the planning permission – If they were to gain planning permission then other land owners may be very keen to lease them land for their operations at an above market rate and/or take a cut of the profits to make it go ahead.

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