Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 8th June 2011


The main discussions from members of the public to councillors were:

  • Lorries – What can we do to stop them? Ken Stevenson is persuing a number of areas on this, with some more suggested by members of the public.
  • Housing – What is being done to improve social housing stock and get them filled?
  • Recording of Meetings – We raised this issue and it will be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting.


Unfortunately it was also brought up that more damage has again been done to the recreation grounds, this time with some quite violent force used to break both wooden and metal posts – costing the council (and thus us) more money to replace them.


There has been another reportedly opportunist burglary taken place in the village – items were taken due to doors supposedly being left unlocked and items also taken from the Community Centre whilst in use!  Opportunist thieves will not think twice about taking what they can find if you give them the opportunity, so please make sure you lock your doors!

Funding Working Groups

It was proposed that two new working groups be formed around securing funding for the village, they are:


To look at areas where funding may be needed and for projects that funding can be used to help with.  The following councillors will sit on the working group:

  • Cllr Burdett
  • Cllr Maiden
  • Cllr Munro
  • Cllr Raspin


To look at and monitor what funding is available to the Parish Council, what the criteria are for it and to secure it when appropriate.  The following councillors will sit on the working group:

  • Cllr Ellis
  • Cllr Frow
  • Cllr Maiden

Hodthorpe & Burials

As many people will already be aware there has been some discussion in Hodthorpe around burials in the Whitwell Cemetry, as now Hodthorpe and Belph are their own parish they become subject to the rates set for people outside of Whitwell Parish, which currently stands at £1200 instead of £600 for those within the parish.  Many people in Hodthorpe were not aware of this, even though those seeking to establish the Hodthorpe and Belph Parish were – as two of those people at as councillors on Whitwell Parish Council and set those rates.  The discussion around this has been tabled as an agenda item for the next Whitwell Parish Council meeting.

Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th July at 7:00PM.

2 thoughts on “Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 8th June 2011

  1. Hi,Just seen that you are looking at ways to reduce tha amounts of lorries that come through the village,I am a Lorry driver myself and i believe one of the reasons is that on the A619 at Whitwell common there are Conflicting Road signs that say the bridge are different heights,the sign has the height in metres and in feet but the conversion height does not match up and the sign which is at the junction says yet another different height,drivers are not sure which is the correct height so they go through the village to be safe.These signs have only been up a few years the old signs used to say 14ft 6 inch and i often went under  the bridge at that height no problems,what has changed?? The bridge needs accurately measuring and signs changing,This would reduce traffic drasticly through the village. Wayne Buck  Sunnyside,Whitwell

    • Hi,

      Yes, it’s something the Parish Council have brought up with Derbyshire County Council (DCC) many times but they seem unwilling to correct it and improve the signing – thanks for your reply though, it adds a little bit more pressure on DCC when we’ve actually got drivers complaining about it as well.



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