Next Gen Broadband Dates Set

It looks like OpenReach have set Ready For Service (RFS) dates for the Whitwell Telephone Exchange (SLWHT) for both 21CN (The national next generation network that connects telephone exchanges) and for their Fiber To The Cabinet (FTTC) products.

21CN will allow many more providers to offer services up to 24Mbit/s download speeds instead of the 8Mbit/s we have now (Unless you’re a Carphone Warehouse/TalkTalk customer – in which case in theory you get those speeds already).  The RFS date is set for 1st March 2012.

FTTC will allow providers to initially offer up to 40Mbit/s download speed.  The RFS date is set for 1st June 2011.

Although RFS dates have been set, it’s not unusual for them to drift still, so we’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens. Fingers crossed!

Whitwell Against Alkane Meeting – September 2011

The next public meeting for Whitwell Against Alkane (Alkane Energy PLC) will take place on 8th September 2011 from 7:30PM at the Whitwell Community Centre.  As usual the bar will be open from 7PM.

As we all know, one of the concerns with Alkane is an increase in the levels of HGVs using the village – of course they assure us they won’t use the village, but we all know the drivers themselves will use whatever route they think is the quickest – and Alkane in the past haven’t answered if they will impose fines on drivers who do use the village, which here we think says it all.  With that in mind WAA have invited the people behind a campaign to stop HGVs using Whitwell completely to come and do a brief talk.

As well as the HGV issue, the following items will also be discussed:

  • Residents Liaison Committee
  • Chemical and pathogens
  • Wind Direction
  • The Rumour Mill
  • Review of 2010/2011

If you’re going to come to the meeting (and we hope you do, and urge everyone to try and bring a neighbour or three) then why not set out a bit earlier and come along to the Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel meeting the hour before at the community centre?

Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 10th August 2011

1. Apologies

  • Cllr. Maiden
  • Cllr. Ellis
  • Cllr. Burdett
  • Cllr. Kerr

As Cllr. Maiden was unable to attend this meant that Cllr. Frow was chair of the meeting.  The meeting proceeded with Cllr. Frow explaining some changes that had been made to the meeting format, these changes are:

  • District & County Councillors as well as Police representatives to sit in the public “gallery” rather than around the table
  • Anyone who declares an interest in an agenda item other than in either of the two open forums must leave the room and not return until the item is dealt with

Both of these changes have been made to fall in line with current best practice for council meetings and help with the council obtaining “Quality Council” status (more of which later).

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An image of Whitwell – Finally

The more observant of you will have noticed that the background image on the site has always been one of Creswell Crags rahter than one of Whitwell – In our defence, part of the Crags used to be in the parish of Whitwell until recently and it was the best local image we had that was suitable for a background.

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Safer Neighbourhood Police Surgeries

The next 3 surgeries for the Whitwell and Hodthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Surgeries are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9th August
  • Tuesday 23rd August
  • Tuesday 6th September

All surgeries take place between 5PM and 6PM – Not an ideal time if you work outside of Whitwell unfortunately.  A better solution would perhaps be to have one per month at 5PM and the other one at 7PM.

Half Moon – New Chain

The Half Moon Public House on Whitwell Common is now part of the Chef & Brewer chain, they are promising a lighter, brighter and altogether nicer experience.  Based on my last visit to the Half Moon for food 2 years ago that wouldn't be all that difficult – 8 years ago when I first moved to Whitwell the Half Moon served great food, especially the Sunday roasts, unfortunately since then it's gone through a series of chains which have served up food that has been kept warm all day and had all the appeal of eating a brick (which would probably have been easier in some instances!).

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