An image of Whitwell – Finally

The more observant of you will have noticed that the background image on the site has always been one of Creswell Crags rahter than one of Whitwell – In our defence, part of the Crags used to be in the parish of Whitwell until recently and it was the best local image we had that was suitable for a background.

As you can see now we have a much brigther image on the site (although a little fuzzy – but we didn't want it to take all day to download for you, so that's as good as it gets right now) and best of all, it's from within the Whitwell Parish – more specifically it was taken on Friday 5th August 2011 at Whitwell Common – as I'm sure some of you will have spotted.  If you'd like to see the image in all it's glory (although a bit smaller than taken) you can check it out in the Photographs section of the site.

We hope you like the new image, as time goes on we'll try and get a new one for each season if we can and preferably a new one each year for each season.

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