Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 14th December 2011

For the sake of clarity: These are not official minutes of the Whitwell Parish Council.  These are notes taken and produced by Whitwell.info for the benefit of the community so that you may see the discussions and reasons around the decisions made, not just that a decision was made on your behalf as a resident.  Whilst we strive to make them 100% accurate, mistakes do unfortunately happen – If you spot a mistake, please let us know so that we may correct it as soon as possible.

In Attendance

  • Cllr. J Burdett
  • Cllr. S Frow
  • Cllr. S Maiden (chair)
  • Cllr. V Mills
  • Cllr. T Munro
  • Cllr. J Raspin
  • Cllr. G Webster
  • Barry Woodcock (clerk)
  • PC F Taylor
  • Mr A Lowrie
  • 5 Members of the public

1. Apologies

  • Cllr. S Ellis
  • Cllr. K Stevenson

2. 15 Minute Open Forum

The format of the meeting was briefly explained to Mr Lowrie and the chair proposed that Mr Lowrie’s item (2.4) be moved in front of the other items so as to not unduly delay him. This was agreed by all.

2.4 Mr A Lowrie, Street Services Manager, Bolsover District Council

Mr Lowrie was invited to attend the Parish Council meeting by the council due to the problems with litter in the village and complaints from parishioners since the retirement of the local litter picker.

  • Bolsover District Council carried out a review of street services which included the studying of industry standards.  It found that productivity and performance levels were not high due to over-resourcing in some areas and under resourcing in others across the district.  It also found that there is more ground maintenance than street cleaning.
  • The village litter picker finished on grounds of ill-health and figures show that Whitwell does not warrant a permanent picker on a like for like basis.
  • Bolsover District Council (BDC) is now looking at all part-time staff across the district, there are currently nine working between 15 and 37 hours per week and reviewing how the service can be delivered.  BDC want to avoid any redundancies. Three are in in Bolsover, two in Shirebrook, one in Tibshelf, one in Pinkston/South Normanton.
  • Other places within Bolsover District may be treated the same as Whitwell in the future.
  • The new structure of cleaning was agreed in June, to be effective from September 2011, with a target to be in the top 20% of performance, value for money and customer satisfaction in the country.
    • As part of this a satisfaction survey will be carried out every year.
  • Members of the public were unhappy that residents of Whitwell pay the same council tax as other parishes but do not appear to be receiving the same level of service and that there are three cleaners in Bolsover.  It was asked if they all in Bolsover town?
    • Mr Lowrie responded that he is not responsible for council tax and his role is not primarily concerned with the amounts of tax paid by one area or another, but with the fact that different areas create different problems with littering such as anti-social behaviour which can take a disproportionate level of resources.
    • The aim of BDC is to meet its statutory obligations for street cleaning as set out by the government.
    • There is one cleaner in Bolsover town, one is deployed to surrounding areas and the other is currently on long term sick leave.
    • All cleaners/pickers will be part of the review being undertaken.
  • Mr Lowrie went on to explain (after a question was raised) that there is a picker in Clowne who is based in Clowne and another in Creswell who is based there and that they will also be part of the review.  If they retire they will not be replaced.  Mr Lowrie stated that he cannot make a decision for Whitwell based on what happens in Creswell or Clowne.  In Barlborough there is a part-time litter picker who splits his time one day in Barlborough and one day in Whitwell.  He has scheduled and responsive work which mean that he is deployed where there are reports of littering.
  • A member of the public asked that when the BDC offices move to Clowne will there be more cleaners in Clowne?  Mr Lowrie said that his decisions are not based on where the council offices are.
  • A member of the public asked if dog fouling came under his remit.  Mr Lowrie confirmed that cleaning did, but the causes of the problem came under Environmental Health for enforcement.  He was then asked if there was still a dog warden as they were rarely seen in Whitwell.  Enforcement is carried out in areas where large numbers of reports are received.
  • It was felt that despite Mr Lowrie stating that BDC do deal with complaints of dog fouling that nothing was actually being done and that the contact centre did not take reports seriously – despite the problem on Welbeck Street causing people having to walk on the road to avoid it.
  • One member of the public complained that they had mess from horses on their house and when reporting this were laughed at. He suggested that cameras be put up adding that a lot of people are wanting help but not getting it. Mr Lowrie agreed he would report back regarding the cameras. Cllr. Webster stated that if possible people should get photographic evidence which makes it easier to prosecute people.
  • PC Taylor suggested using the mobile CCTV van used for litter patrols.  Mr Lowrie stated that BDC look at the figures for service and complaints for where to take action.  In terms of Whitwell they are not top of the list.  He will ask the enforcement group to use the mobile CCTV if possible.  PC Taylor stated that the camera van had been used for dog fouling on Butt Hill.  If lots of people ring in it will help.  She will take up the issue with the CAN Rangers.
  • Mr Lowrie stated that when there is a genuine problem, an education day may be used.  This will involve people in hi-vis jackets stopping and talking to dog walkers.  It does have an impact.
  • Cllr. Frow returned the discussion to litter stating that there was not a problem in Whitwell when there was a man in Whitwell who did the picking.  They lived here and were proud and would pick litter regardless of being on/off duty.  Other than Cllrs. Webster and Munro who does it now?  Cllr. Frow stated that a letter has been sent to BDC but Bolsover did not answer the question.  As it is in the Bolsover remit, Cllr. Frow asked why they cannot devolve money to Whitwell to hire someone.  There is litter top to bottom of High Street.  Cllr. Frow recognised that it is the people in Whitwell who litter but it is worse than it was.
  • Cllr. Maiden stated that he recognised that there are budget restrictions but the timing of the current service is a problem.  The cleaning is done on a Friday and so within 24 hours the village is no better off.  Cllr. Maiden asked how many hours was the previous litter-picker paid for and how many hours are the current pickers paid for?  Cllr. Kerr had suggested an agency arrangement to Cllr. Maiden whereby BDC pay WPC to do the work.  He added that the two should work together and that the view around the table favours the agency approach.  Cllr. Frow added it would be nice to have some input.
  • Mr Lowrie responded that the picking is on a Friday and can look at the rota etc. but the resource they have is the resource they have got.  Cllr. Maiden stated that he accepts that it could mean that someone else may end up with Friday and the same problems.  An agency agreement may be better.  Cllr Maiden asked if the pay included travel; Mr Lowrie responded it does not.
  • Mr Lowrie stated that the previous village litter-picker was paid for 30 hours over six days.  The resource now allows for six man hours per week of pure litter picking; the large sweeper which has just spent a week in Whitwell; bin emptying; and the small sweeper every 10 days.  Cllr. Frow commented that this did a good job on the leaves.  Mr Lowrie continued that looking at dedicated Whitwell litter picker, that it has not gone to the council yet, but the plan is that no town in the district will have a barrowman it would be part of the team for the area.  He added that he could discuss an agency arrangement but it would not necessarily be enough.
  • A member of the public asked if Mr Lowrie was in charge of bin collections as these had been reduced saving paying 5 men and he was quibbling over paying one person for four hours per day.  Mr Lowrie stated that they are not quibbling.   There was a regional efficiency programme and in Bolsover there is poor performance and high resource which needs to be swapped.  It is early days but BDC have got to improve performance and want to be in top performing councils which will not be easy when reducing resources.  Waste collection and street cleaning have separate budgets and money cannot be moved between them.  Cllr Maiden suggested that the way finances worked was that they aren’t making savings as such that can be used elsewhere, that they are just given less of a budget to work with each year.  Mr Lowrie responded that as a rural district there is a low population density and as the budget is based on the population this effects the resources available.  Mansfield has double the budget of Bolsover, but Bolsover has three times more roadways and pavements to deal with and has to meet the same standards.  It is about trying to get it right.
  • Cllr. Maiden stated that WPC wants to be involved in discussions on Whitwell and highlighted that there are two views on cleaning and that they need to meet somewhere.
  • Cllr. Mills said that the start of the meeting Mr Lowrie had stated that street cleaning has got to be at an acceptable level.  She asked acceptable to whom?  Mr Lowrie responded government standards.  Cllr. Mills commented “not the people who see it”; Mr Lowrie responded “no!”  Cllr. Mills asked if the standard is available to which Mr Lowrie confirmed that it can be downloaded from DEFRA and can be found by Googling: Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.  Mr Lowrie will email the link to the councillors if they have a problem.  He explained that the document is a public document explaining the standards, action methodology; parish council obligations, county council obligations and other statutory undertaker responsibilities.
  • Cllr. Mills asked when the review will be finished.  Mr Lowrie stated that it had been hoped for this year but the strategic alliance with East Derbyshire has put reviews on hold until the structural review has been concluded in February.
  • Cllr. Mills added that if Mr Lowrie is responsible for litter bins, does he know why the bin has been missing from by the school for three months?  Mr Lowrie did not.
  • Member of the public asked if Mr Lowrie can be emailed directly as emails through the switchboard area do not get through to the right department.  Mr Lowrie stated that if they do get emails directly they have to be sent back to Enquiries as it has to be on the CRM system.
  • Cllr. Raspin asked how many emails or calls warrant a response.  Mr Lowrie stated that they will respond to them all.  Cllr. Maiden asked to be kept up to date.  Mr Lowrie responded that he will include WPC in the next phase.  Cllr. Mills suggested she would like Mr Lowrie invited back to discuss refuse collection.

2.2 Police

PC Taylor reported the crime figures for November:

  • 8 crimes total
  • 3 theft
  • 2 violence
  • 2 criminal damage
  • 1 non-dwelling burglary


  • A member of the public asked about CCTV given that the nights are darker and crime would be going up.  There has been a house fire and gas pipe ripped from a property for the copper.  He stated that cameras are needed as the elderly do not feel safe and the police do not have time to be in the village constantly, especially in the middle of the night when a lot of the problems occur.  Cameras have been asked for for a couple of years but nothing has been done.  People will want to live here again if the crime levels are reduced.   People are scared to say anything because of reprisals.  It will save money by putting up cameras.  PC Taylor responded that cameras can be good but it depends on the resolution.  PC Taylor understands that they provide reassurance.  PC Taylor and PCSO Lee are not walking about at night but there are cars out patrolling.  Member of the public responded that if we pay for good quality at the start it will get sorted.  Why can it be done in cities but not villages?  Another member of the public responded that cameras are easily defeated by hoodies.
  • A member of the public asked if the report regarding people rooting through recycling bins had been reported.  PC Taylor confirmed that it had been received but she had not heard any more.  She added that there have been scenarios where front gardens have been emptied.
  • A member of the public stated that there had been mention of people in vans being stopped and details checked in terms of collecting scrap and asked if any had.  PC Taylor stated there had and been and some were caught without a license.  At the end of each period this will be reported on.  Cllr. Munro added that he has received one Ringmaster report.  PC Taylor added that they do ask about financial situations.
  • Cllr. Frow commented that where the Dickin merges with Scotland Street  when people rent the cottage they park on the road and it is dangerous.  There is a white van parking there at the moment.  She added that there are also problems in and around the Community Centre.    Cllr. Frow stated that she felt threatened by a gang hanging around the health centre.  On a visit to the Community Centre there was a lot of noise and the door was kicked in; there is also damage being done in the foyer.  Last night a gang was throwing things and screwing things up.  She added that someone else present had named them all and they had cleared.  Tim reported the incident but they are always told to ring and then nobody rings back.  Cllr. Frow observed that the dispersal order in Creswell has lead to damage in Whitwell.  It tends to start at 7pm in The Square.  When Tim locked up at 9pm one night there were 20+ on the bus and another lot getting on and that they all know each other and organise to meet on Facebook etc.
  • A member of the public added that it is the same with the thefts – they all know each other.
  • Cllr. Frow continued that the teenagers are coming in groups.  PC Taylor stated that she had received three names of teenagers from Whitwell who were coming into the Community Centre but admitted that the dispersal in Creswell is having a knock-on effect.  Dispersal is not an answer.
  • A member of the public stated that you cannot stop people coming to Whitwell, but it is the groups that are the problem.  PC Taylor responded that if they do hit hard, the groups get bored and move on.
  • The same member of Public stated that there is nothing in Whitwell for young people to do.  Cllr. Frow responded that WPC is trying to do this.  Member of the Public argued that that has been the case for the last 20 years and nothing has been done.  Cllr. Frow sated at WPC needs funding and that is the point of the questionnaires which focused on younger people.  PC Taylor stated that Ozbox was in Creswell but for it to be used in Whitwell it is dependent on uptake and there are very few taking it up.  For Game Zone they had to drag the kids to it.
  • Member of the public stated that in Mansfield Woodhouse they introduced teachers to the kids to help them learn a skill at the Community Centre making boxes etc.
  • Cllr. Maiden asked about progress with the vehicle surveys.  PC Taylor stated that VOSA let them down again by pulling out due to other commitments at the last minute.
A member of the public left.

2.1 County Councillors

In Cllr. Stevenson’s absence there were no questions for him.

2.3 District and Parish Councillors

  • Cllr. Munro raised concern about the concrete roofs that were not removed from Thacker’s garage.  He stated that it did not look safe and the brick rubble looked to have fallen out.  He emailed BDC to see if they were aware but there is no security on site.  Cllr. Munro stated that they need to prevent access due to the risk for the roofs falling in.  He was told that Steve Whittingham has inspected the site and considered it safe with no safety hazard.  Cllr. Webster responded that Mr Robinson reported and Cllr. Webster sent Mr Whittingham to look at it.
  • Cllr. Frow asked what was happening with the site, to which Cllr. Webster reported nothing has been done with the sale of the site because of the solicitors and the costs keep increasing.  The costs are now £70-80,000.  He added that there are problems with the land registry and he wants more information.  Cllr. Webster is on to Kevin Silleto daily to get site up for auction but have to go through the legal procedure first.
  • Cllr. Webster stated that several months ago the Peers Report on Certificate for Excellence and BDC was one of five in the country to get it.  There were five things to take action on:
    • Not published decisions in planning – this is now done
    • Delegated list for Bolsover – now done
    • Scripts for information given to tenants – now done
    • Choice lettings (bid for property) – in the latest report to circulate to Clowne contract centre on 11th January or Sherwood offices and to have it completed by end of January.
  • Cllr. Webster added that they had been awarded a silver medal for how good the council is.
  • A member of the public stated that work on Butt Hill had been started (old Biggins site).  Cllr. Maiden explained that there had been planning permission granted and now they have started building.  Member of Public stated he had heard there were plans to lift and make one level.
  • A member of the public stated that the new allotment agreements had been sent out using second class stamps yet most were to people in the village – at a cost of around £25.  He asked if it could be done more cost effectively as little items build up.  Cllr. Maiden stated they could look at this.  A member of the Public asked if there was any comment from Barry – no.  The member of the public was concerned that it may be a case of £25 here, £50 there and the amounts soon add up.

3. Resumption of Standing Orders

  • Moved

4. Matters Arising from Item 2

  • Need to be proactive – write to the enquiry desk at BDC regarding the unsatisfactory responses mentioned earlier in the meeting so that it is brought to the attention of senior managers.
  • WPC should write to VOSA copying in Derbyshire County Council (DCC) and the police regarding the dismay at their absence again to conduct the survey of abuse of the high lorry route.  Cllr. Maiden has seen four lorries in the last week and Cllr. Munro noted at least two were transporters for Steetly Dolomite.
  • Cllr. Raspin stated that she had seen a car transporter in Hodthorpe which had gone over the rail bridge.
  • Cllr. Mills stated that people need to ensure they get the CRM reference number if they contact the council so that it can be traced.
  • Regarding letter-picking Cllr. Mills stated that Mr Lowrie was not interested.  Can the Crown Prosecution service help with those on community service orders?  Cllr. Maiden sated an agenda item was needed.  Cllr. Webster highlighted that under the localism bill it may come to the WPC.

Cllr. Munro requested a window be opened as it was getting very warm.

5. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

There were no significant comments regarding the last minutes other than some typing errors on 2.2, 4 and 7.  The minutes were approved.

6. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting

Item 4: Cllr. Munro asked if there was anything in correspondence about street lighting.  Barry responded that the parishes would be consulted when a decision was made.

Item 12.2: Cllr. Mills asked about the notices.  Barry responded that Alastair Morley would be attending the January meeting.  There are now notices at the station and in the Community Centre.

7. Approval of minutes and recommendations of the Cemetery Committee held on 30th November 2011.

It was asked if there has to be a record if there are errors.  Cllr. Munro asked if it should be at the next cemetery meeting,  the clerk responded that there might not be one.  Cllr. Munro moved them.

The councillors had reviewed the draft agreement.  Cllr. Maiden stated that if agreed it could be taken to Hodthorpe to form a joint committee.  Cllr. Webster had no objections.  The clerk stated that if approved it is not set in stone as it is still a draft and Hodthorpe may have other proposals.

In paragraph five it stated percentage based on BDC figures for finance agreements.  Cllr. Maiden asked for a proposal to take the draft on.  Cllr. Webster moved the proposal and Cllr. Munro seconded.  There were no objections.

Regarding cemetery charges, Cllr. Munro explained that there is a set of proposed charges.  At the top by the contractor, at the bottom the charge by WPC but collected by the contractor for administration.  Of the set of charges (currently £610) the most expensive is £605 meaning a stand-still situation.  If Hodthorpe enter the agreement they will be in the ‘all category’, if not they will be ‘non-residents’.  The clerk stated that the burial admin fee by Whitwell of £50 & £100 is wrong; it should stated £150 & £300.  The minutes are correct.  Cllr. Munro sought the council approval to proceed.  Cllr. Webster moved and Cllr. Frow seconded.  Cllrs. Raspin, Munro and Webster were all in favour.

8. DCC Street Lighting Proposals

DCC are undertaking a review of the thoughts on turning off street lights at certain times.  WPC has not had much definite contact from  DCC yet.  Does WPC want to voice an opinion in this meeting?  Cllr. Maiden stated it is difficult without having the details of the proposals.  He has been to places with no lights and there have been no problems.  Places where lights go off at 11PM have had no major problems but Cllr. Maiden admitted it is disconcerting.  In principle, Cllr. Maiden is not against the idea but wants to know which lights.

Cllr. Burdett asked if DCC will ask the community and suggested that if there are two lights opposite each other then one could be turned off.  Cllr. Maiden stated that his understanding is that there will be consultation with WPC who can open it up to the public for their views.

The clerk stated that in Nottinghamshire a few months before there was a consultation and when the plans were done the parish councils got a say in the detailed consultation for their area.  He stated he cannot say if the parish councils were listened to but they had the opportunity to raise their views.  The clerk has been told it will happen in Derbyshire.

  • Cllr. Mills made a number of points:
    • There is a crime problem now.
    • It is a paper exercise – the lights will go off whatever.
    • Maps may be no use – if they are the same ones as used for the hanging baskets they are not right.
    • She would like DCC to agree to put the lights back on if crime increases.
  • Cllr. Raspin stated that she would like the statistics from other areas where lights have been turned off.  Cllr. Munro stated that South Yorkshire and Rotherham areas have already done this, it may be possible to use their figures.  Cllr. Maiden stated that it is already darker but the crime figures have reduced – Cllr. Mills emphasised that this is only reported crimes.
  • Cllr. Munro stated that the crime rate is low as a community.  Cllr. Mills added that anti-social behavioural will be a problem.  Cllr. Frow stated that the kids are going to the lights – if there are no lights they will go away.
  • Cllr. Webster asked if the cost of the gadgets to switch the lights off was known.  Cllr. Maiden stated they should wait for the information and then make comment.

9. Grounds Maintenance Contract 2012 to 2015

The clerk explained there had been a tender to start 1st April, he summarised the responses:

  • One was too small for the work involved and did not tender.
  • A tender was received from Town & Country Gardens.
  • A tender was received from Planteria, the current contractor.

One of the tenders as for £5569 per annum and the other £5184 per annum.

  • Cllr. Munro asked if WPC is happy with the current contractor and observed that there is a relatively low price difference.  The clerk responded that there have been complaints about the standard of work from councillors.  There have been three occasions over the last two and a half years and the answer was that work had been done in line with the specifications in the contract.
  • Cllr. Webster stated that in the playground they are cutting exactly as he wanted.
  • Cllr. Mills stated that the contract stated that they should cut up to the edges at the recreation ground and they don’t – there are nettles and brambles growing.  At the Dickin also they were told to do around the styles, it gets done a couple of times then goes back to not being done.  The contract states up to the boundary but they are not.
  • Cllr. Maiden stated that they had the handyman go round and show how the grounds must be maintained.  Are they keeping it in that state?  Potentially no.  Cllr. Maiden asked for other observations.
  • Cllr. Burdett asked what is known of the other company.  The clerk stated that another parish council had used them up to April 2011 and were satisfied.  They changed in the past year due to price.
  • Cllr. Mills stated the award should not go to Planteria.  Cllr. Maiden asked who was in favour of £5569 – it needs to be looked at on price. Cllr. Mills disagreed stating that WPC should look at quality of service.  Cllr. Munro asked the clerk if the council were entitled to know which quote came from which company, they are.
  • Cllr. Raspin asked if it had to be for three years – the clerk explained that that is the contract that was put out to tender.
  • The clerk explained that Town & Country based near Newark tendered £5184 and Planteria £5569.
  • Cllr. Burdett stated that the issues are a normal part of a contract.  Cllr. Maiden asked who was in favour of Planteria – he proposed to keep the current contractor as WPC know who they are.  Cllr. Webster seconded.  All present were in favour except Cllr. Mills.  The proposal was carried to look into the terms & conditions of contract.

10. Initiatives and Funding Groups

There have been no meetings for two months.  Cllr. Webster suggested starting again in January.  Cllr. Maiden suggested the 18th and Cllrs. Munro and Mills agreed.  Cllr. Maiden stated that he has got document for multi use games area.  The meetings will take place at Bakestone Moor at 7:30pm.

11. Accounts for Approval and Payment

  • Cllrs. Webster and Munro signed the cheques
  • Cllr. Mills queried item 10844 asking if it was new as the price was high – the clerk responded that it is for the service of the lawnmowers and other equipment.  Cllr. mills also queried 103387 asking if it was only for the allotments – Cllr. Maiden stated it was also for the cemetery.

12. Financial Reports

  • Cllr. Frow asked why the wages summary showed an overspend for the playscheme as she worked out it was not.  The clerk responded that 107% had been spent on payroll which was due to an additional specialist staff member.
  • Cllr. Frow stated she had not yet got a full report.  The clerk stated there was a £387 overspend.  Cllr. Frow stated she had kept a hold on the budget.  Cllr. Frow felt the insurance etc. should not be counted as consumables.
  • Cllr. Maiden suggested that this be looked at in the precept meeting with an item for insurances for all.  The clerk disagreed stating it would be better to have another heading for playscheme admin.
  • Cllr. Maiden queried an item in the budget monitoring report for £900 and the clerk informed this was for the land valuation on Station Road.
  • Cllr. Maiden observed that there was a £418 spent but not budgeted for – this money had come from the reserve for the item and was not actually an overspend as it had been put aside previously to finish that project.
  • Halfway through December 66% of the budget has been spent – it is on track.

13. Correspondence

  • The clerk stated that there is one item for discussion plus the list.
  • Cllr. Munro asked if the information in the letter November 8th re. GP Services is of interest to the general public as people worry about the future of GP services.
  • The clerk stated that the last item on the list was the Lafarge railway report – he had a copy if anybody wanted to see it.
  • The clerk stated that a public consultation ended in October and the findings were enclosed.  There were two proposals to tender for NHS services.  A FAQ document was enclosed.  The PCT has strong user view included and a decision will be made using the views.  The final decision was due on 7th December.  Cllr. Maiden emphasised that this does not affect patients of the Crags Healthcare service.
  • The clerk stated that he had received a tender for next years’ hanging baskets.  A total of £4662 + 10% discount for a three year contract, making the tender £4195.80.  Cllr. Frow asked if it had been decided to have a floral display.  Cllr. Maiden stated there had not been a decision.  He added that the tender is cheaper than at present and it should be discussed on the 4th January.  Agreed.

14. Planning Matters

Cllr. Webster declared an interest and left the room.

  • An application was received for a new fascia at Arrow Farm.  There were no objections. It was noted that they do good food.
  • 1 Vine Cottages on Sandy Lane has applied for a porch extension.  Cllr. Munro had no objection and Cllr. Frow seconded this.  Cllr. Maiden stated that it is a stone cottage and they are some of the oldest in the village so it needs to be in keeping.  Cllr. Munro stated he had no objection as long as it is in keeping.
  • There was a variation of condition to change the Welfare from 12 apartments to 11.  Cllr. Maiden had no objection stating it will be good to get it occupied.  Cllr. Munro observed that the flats are very small.
  • The application to prune four lime trees in from of 4 Lime Cottage, High Street had no objections as the trees will regenerate.

Cllr. Webster returned to the meeting.

15. Progress Reports

Playscheme – The playscheme had spoken to parents to change the name to appeal more to older children.  They aim to improve it by removing Easter but due to work most people want to keep it.  Therefore it will be four days at Easter and three weeks over summer.  The playscheme is trying to get local groups involved e.g. short mat bowls and try to involve years 7 & 8 children.  Cllr. Maiden asked about the financial impact.  Cllr. Frow stated they are trying to involve the groups so that there will be no major additional expense except expenses on consumable.  For Zorb balls there was a deal of less than £500 for a day.  It cannot be extended further due to the cost.

16. Date of the Next Meeting

The dates of the next meetings will be 4th January 2012 for the budget meeting and 11th January 2012 for the ordinary meeting.

17. 15 Minute Open Forum

  • A member of the public referred Cllr, Webster to the Welfare and asked why the notice had only just gone up to reduce the number of flats.  Cllr. Munro highlighted that Cllr. Webster had declared an interest in the planning and this may compromise his position.  Cllr. Webster stated he had no idea why the notice had only just gone up explaining that it is delegated not done by Planning.  Cllr. Maiden stated that the notification is only dated 7th December 2011.  Cllr. Webster agreed to ask Planning.
  • A member of the public asked if allotment agreements could be emailed and not posted.  The clerk will consider this.  The member of public also noted the minutes were single-sided when last month they were double-sided.
  • Another member of the public responded regarding the allotment agreements stating that emailing would need to be checked as they are legal documents.  He also asked what was being discussed in the review of the minutes earlier – it was confirmed to be water.
  • A member of the public stated that there had been discussion before about the handymen doing grounds maintenance.  Cllr. Maiden confirmed there had been but the machine they have is no use in the cemetery.  A new machine would cost £20,000 plus running costs –  the machine’s life-time is unknown.  Cllr. Munro stated it was resolved not to go down that route.  Cllr. Webster stated that in the localism bill grass cutting may fall to WPC.

18. Resolution to Exclude Members of the Public

The public meeting closed so that confidential matters could be discussed.  Cllr. Maiden thanked all for attending and wished them a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Please accept our apologies

Please accept our apologies for the lack of updates since December. With Christmas and wedding planning we’ve been a little busy!

We will be posting some updates shortly, starting with the December & January Parish Council meetings – including a summary of the precept meeting (where the PCs budget is set for the year).

We will also be re-designing the site a little as well over the coming months – so keep an eye out for that. As usual if you have any news or events you would like mentioned then please get in touch.

Thanks for visiting.