Half Way To Next Gen Broadband


It looks like that whilst we weren’t paying attention BT Openreach changed their ready-for-service (RFS) date for their 21st Century Network (21CN) for Whitwell to the end of January 2012.  What this means is that you should now be able to get up-to 24Mbit/s internet instead of just basic up-to 8Mbit/s internet from any ISP not just the likes of TalkTalk.  If you want faster access you may also have to talk to your ISP, as not all will upgrade you automatically to faster services – even though their faster services are the same price.

We’ve also noticed that the full Sky Broadband is now available on the Whitwell exchange as well – So if you’ve got Sky TV you can get their free/cheap broadband as well.

The RFS date for the much faster FTTC products (What BT Retail calls Infinity) is still set for June 2012.


At the Whitwell Parish Council meetings on 8th February 2012 three planning applications for additional BT Openreach street cabinets was put before the council (They were in the conservation area, so planning consent is required) and the council raised no objections to them going ahead – So it looks like things really are moving ahead for June this time.

11 thoughts on “Half Way To Next Gen Broadband

  1. Hi,
    Does anybody know if any planning applications have gone in for cabinets to be put up in creswell (particulary sheffield road) as the wait is killing me!!!!

    • Hi,

      I don’t know Creswell that well, so I have no idea if Sheffield Road is in a conservation area. Openreach only need to apply for planning permission if it is a conservation area, otherwise it is classed as a permitted development under their code powers.

      I’ve taken a quick look and there isn’t a planning application in for Sheffield Road, there is one in for the box in front of the leisure centre on Duke Street as it is in the conservation area, which has been approved. So it looks like they are going to be doing Creswell at the same time.



    • Hi,

      When I checked yesterday there was still no sign of it being live yet. Some times it can take a little longer if they’ve had any issues getting power, or running the fibre to the cabinets. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.



      • Thanks for such a quick reply.
        I've been waiting for this since the "installment" last year and i'm glad to see things are finally moving forward.

  2. So I checked the openreach website yesterday and it said the exchange will be switched on to fibre in september but I checked it again this morning and it's now delayed until December.  This is getting very frustrating now.

  3. been waiting years for decent speeds in creswell so  a few more months ain't gonna hurt….fingers crossed its going to be september tho…if its delayed again till dec  it might force me to move into a vermin cable area…so i can pay for 100 meg speed  but get throttled down to 10 meg for half the day….lol     

    • What’s worse is that a small part of Whitwell actually has ducting for Virgin Media cable, but nothing in the ducts.

  4. bt infinity what a joke….june 30….sept 30….now dec 30  i wouldnt bother…soon as dec 30 looms  they will shove it back march 30  2013       so  wow  bt infinity   possibly maybe in 2013…..sometime   lol

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