Superfast Broadband – Work Begins

We spotted on the way home tonight that work has been started by BT Openreach on the new  street cabinets for Superfast Broadband (What BT Retail call Infinity, or Fibre Broadband – it isn't, but nevermind) in Whitwell.  It's finally happening!  We had to take a photo just to make sure we weren't imagining it.

Once the equipment is installed and all setup, you'll be able to get up to 80Mbit/s download speeds if you're close enough to one of the new street cabinets – It was 40Mbit/s, but by the time they have finished in Whitwell the new 80Mbit/s products will be available to ISPs – Remeber, you don't just have to use BT to get Superfast Broadband, you can pretty much use any ISP (With the exception of Sky, as we don't think they are taking part in the new scheme to allow them to do so, but we think TalkTalk are).