Thacker’s Garage – Progress

After much rumour and speculation, it has been confirmed that the Co-operative are looking to move from Welbeck Street to the Thacker's Garage site on Spring Street.  A new larger store would provide customer car parking as well as allowing a larger range of items to be stocked.

Obviously this is not going to happen overnight, as planning permission needs to be obtained and the land purchased so it is going to take some time; hopefully now though the end is in sight for what has been a blight on the village for so many years.

4 thoughts on “Thacker’s Garage – Progress

  1. good news about time not only for the use of land but it will also help with the parking problem around the coop as it is now

    • That was actually one of the things mentioned by someone else – although it does depend on what happens after the co-op move out (assuming it all goes ahead).

  2. Seeing as that is on my doorstep, i am more concerned on the problems it will bring along with it, I appreciate to the village the garage may look a sight, but none of you have a clue of the hassles and nightmares that we have had to live with, trust me you cannot even being to imagine!!!!!!, so although I do appreciate that something needs done with the land, but please give a thought to the ones that it will affect.

  3. If this does go ahead, thought needs to be given as to what will happen to the old Coop site. Personally I would like to see the premises demolished and parking created to aleviate the horrendous parking issues currently faced by the residents of the Welbeck St/Fox Road area. This problem will only ever get worse and some careful thought to a community car parking area with residents permits would be a welcome relief for many.

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