Whitwell wins against Alkane Energy plc.

Victory for the people of Whitwell – Alkane Energy plc. have withdrawn their planning application for the anaerobic digestion facility on Southfield Lane.

You can see the letter of withdrawal on the Derbyshire planning website here: http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/environment/planning/planning_applications/recent_decisions/app-details.asp?AppCode=CW5/0410/6&AppType=1 – it's in the list of documents (2nd from the bottom in the list at the time of writing).

We'd like to thank everyone at Whitwell Against Alkane for all their hard work and time put in to defeating Alkane Energy plc.

We also hope that this serves as an important lesson for Whitwell, that things can change and people can make a difference and that we do not have to accept what is happening in the belief that things "are a done deal" or "will never change".  All it takes is people working together and understanding that it does take time, and hard work but that we can make a difference and make Whitwell a better place to live and work.

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