Superfast Broadband – Now Available!

Whilst the Openreach Superfast Broadband site doesn't list Whitwell as finished, some street cabinets are now ready.  You can find out if your cabinet is enabled by going here: and entering your phone number.

Remember, you don't have to order from BT – Fibre broadband is available from nearly all ISPs including TalkTalk, Sky and smaller ones such as Zen, AAISP, Goscomb etc.

If you do get connected up we'd love to hear from you about who you went with and what speeds you're seeing.

25 thoughts on “Superfast Broadband – Now Available!

  1. Certain cabs in creswell are now installed but only some are live. Mine received the fibre last week (sheffield road) and I will apparently receive around 30mb. Not quite as high as i'd hoped but its a fare amount better than 2.5mb and we aren't particularly close to the cab! I wont be able to order however until the 'earliest' date of 31st december. Hopefully it goes live a little earlier and thats just an estimated completion date for all the cabs in creswell.

    • I'd keep a check using the BT Wholesale checker we've linked to, as that works on a cab-by-cab basis these days it seems (so you can order as soon as the cab is live) – whereas the Openreach Superfast site only works on an exchange basis – so until all the planned cabs are done, it won't say available.
      At the moment we've been pushed back to the 19th November, as for some reason the re-grade failed first time round.

  2. got my infinity sorted 2day chaps !!!  top job   was  estimated  65 meg   at the moment cranking  76 !!!!  with  18 upload   very pleased as im about  250 yards from the cab….gonna hit the newsgroups shortly after i enable my 3 tb hdd  !

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