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We know there have been a few doubters on the issue of Superfast Broadband (FTTC) ariving in Whitwell, but it is happening – and we've got the pictures to prove it!  These were taken 20 minutes ago and Openreach were also here last night doing work as well, apparently the council (Bolsover we assume) will only let them do these works in an evening.

The pictures below (sorry for the quality) show Openreach putting in one of the main and final links to make it all happen.

We also spoke with the Openreach engineers who told us you'll have to be quick when it does go live as currently each street cabinet only has 100 tie pairs to it – meaning only 100 lines on each cabinet can get service to start with.  So if you do want it, then it might be a good idea to register your interest with your ISP (It doesn't have to be BT Retail).

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  1. when was it we was first on the list for fibre? March 2011? anyway these images and this news does make me happy and gives me the utmost faith that we will have fibre by or in December :)
    P.S: I'm sick of 5mb down and 0.8mb up 

    • I was getting 15 down at one point, but it got worse when they started the work in May :( ¬†Down to 10 down now. ¬†Although I’m not so bothered by downstream speed, I’m interested in 20 up.

  2. Anybody got any more news about whats going on? I'm getting so tired of waiting and seeing the same information on openreach's website. They seem to have stopped digging out trenches now in creswell (they filled one in the other day with no other works appearing) but surely cabinets that are ready and receiving fibre can go live.

    • I was told the other day that it would be sometime in the next 4-6 weeks (that was a week ago). So hopefully at the start of December.

      Openreach will only put it live once all the cabinets they've planned to do are ready – unless there's one that is very stubborn then it may get skipped for now.

  3. Well some other good news, BT have added an "Earliest Date" to the online availabity checker "31st of December".
    I get an estimate of 53MB down :) more than enough i think. And like Karl i'm more bothered about the upload, sending large files is a swine atm (dropbox).

  4. Apologies for the delay in our reply, we are currently experiencing a high volume of enquiries.
    The phone line quoted is connected to Whitwell cabinet SL/WHT 2.
    We have been experiencing a series of problems deploying this particular cabinet, mainly due to blockages in the underground duct network.
    The latest one that we are dealing with involves excavating and laying 140m of new duct work in the High Street in Whitwell.
    However, other parts of the build are progressing and we are hoping that this cab will go live to accept orders towards the end of December, (subject to no more engineering problems occurring)
    From that point you will be able to order fibre broadband from a service provider of your choice.
    Tony Franklin
    Network Investment Customer Engagement

  5. Certain numbers in creswell are now allowing you to order infinity. Is anybody experiencing this in whitwell? I don't understand how its possible if the exchange hasn't gone live yet! Unfortunately my number isn't allowing it :(

  6. crikey !!!!!   just ordered infinity  2day   my cabs fans are running(nr black diamond) and bobs your uncle   65 meg est        sales said should take bout 3 weeks ish…. happy days !

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