Whitwell District Council Election 2015 – Results

The results for the 2015 Whitwell District Council election are as follows:

MUNRO, TomLabour672Yes
RITCHIE, Malcolm JohnLabour544Yes
WEBSTER, George OwenWhitwell Residents Association538No
MAIDEN, StuartIndependent476No
STREETS, Malcolm JohnIndependent422No
MILLS, VivWhitwell Residents Association449No
ROBERTS, PeteIndependent244No

Whitwell Parish Council Election 2015 – Results

The results from the 2015 Whitwell Parish Council Election are as follows:

WEBSTER, George OwenWhitwell Residents Association799Yes
MUNRO, TomLabour785Yes
MILLS, VivWhitwell Residents Association761Yes
ELLIS, Darren MichaelIndependent740Yes
MAIDEN, StuartIndependent722Yes
RASPIN, Jeanne MarjorieLabour650Yes
RASPIN, Frank PhilipLabour649Yes
GREEN, Harriet ElizabethLabour630Yes
BURDETT, Simon CharlesLabour624No
RITCHIE, Malcolm JohnLabour624No
AUSTIN, Karl Peter HillIndependent617No
WALE, SharleneWhitwell Residents Association530No
WALE, James RutledgeWhitwell Residents Association453No
WALE, John BrianWhitwell Residents Association436No