Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 20th May 2015

Karl May 20, 20157:00 PM

Cllr. Maiden opened the meeting and welcomed members of the public, the first meeting of the newly elected Parish Council.

Karl May 20, 20157:01 PM

Cllr. Munro was elected as Chairman of the new Parish Council after a vote of 4 vs. 2.

Cllr. Munro thanked Cllr. Maiden for his hard work as Chairman over the past 12 years.

He also acknowledged the contribution at District Council level of Cllr. Webster.

Karl May 20, 20157:03 PM

Cllr. F. Raspin is elected as vice-chairman.

Karl May 20, 20157:16 PM

Working Groups:

Footpaths – Cllr. Munro, Cllr. Maiden, Cllr. F. Raspin

Internal Audit Committee – Cllr. Maiden, Cllr. Ellis, Cllr. Munro

Playscheme – Cllr. J Raspin, Cllr. Maiden, Cllr. Green

Stone Piers Working Group – Inactive

Website/IT – Cllr. Ellis, Cllr. Maiden, Cllr. Munro

Joint Cemetery Committee – Cllr. Webster, Cllr. F. Raspin, Cllr. Ellis, Cllr. Munro

Initiatives/New Projects – All councillors

Allotments – Cllr. Mills, Cllr. Webster

Community Centre Management Committee – All councillors

Staffing – Dealt with under confidential items

Quarry Liaison – Cllr. F. Raspin

Parish Council District Liaison – Deferred to June for Cllr. J Raspin to check with work commitments

The Joint Cemetery Committee is a join committee with Hodthorpe & Belph Parish Council, 4 councillors from Whitwell and 3 from H&BPC.

Karl May 20, 20157:18 PM

5.  Declaration of Councillors’ or
Chairman’s acceptance of Office and Agreement to Abide by the Code

The chairman duly signed the paperwork.


Karl May 20, 20157:18 PM

6. To record declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests from members on any items to be discussed 

There were no interests.

Karl May 20, 20157:19 PM

7. To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest (forms to be completed before the meeting)

There were no items.

Karl May 20, 20158:04 PM

8.1. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the police
Apologies were received from the Police.


 – Claylands Road/Close: Off-road motorbikes are a problem again, especially for the last two weeks.  They are speeding up and down the track where visibility is very poor.  The police have said they need to catch the offenders in the act.  A member of the public suggested that practical solutions were needed rather than relying on the police to catch offenders such as an A-frame.  Cllr. Ritchie said as it is a district footpath he would look in to this.

– Speeding: It is still a problem on the main roads through the village, especially Bakestone Moor.

– Anti-social behaviour: On the recreation facilities.  Members of the public raised concerns about drinking, drugs and sexual activity that are happening at Bakestone Moor.  The police have said that they will monitor it, the members of the public have claimed that no extra police presence has been seen. 

  A member of the public claimed that there was also a problem with the Youth Club and there were issues last night.  A representative of the youth club informed that there was no youth club last night and the individuals they are talking about do not attend the youth club.

  The Clerk brought forward some items from correspondence with regards to the skate park.  The letters were read out, one concerned a child who fell from their scooter and had a trip to A&E with a concussion.  A second letter was read out with complaints about noise.  A third letter was read out from the District Council Environmental Protection Team with regards to complaints they have received about noise on the skate park.

  Cllr. Munro informed that he and Cllr. Ritchie have discussed the issue at the District Council since being elected.  Cllr. Munro informed of the process taken in procuring the skate park.  Members of the public stated their thoughts that it should be closed until the problems are resolved.

Karl May 20, 20158:13 PM

8.2. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the County Councillor
Cllr. McGregor reported that Old Green Close has now been adopted by DCC and that a member of the public had requested information about a zebra crossing in the village and had been replied to.

Cllr. McGregor asked if WPC had received any information about a cycle path from Clowne to Creswell (part of which falls in Whitwell Parish).  He thought it was a somewhat daft scheme as it did not go all the way, only part of the way, from Gapsick Lane to Hazlemere Road.  He read out a list of 6 points he has made about it.

Cllr. McGregor informed he had also looked in to an issue raised by a member of public at the WPC open meeting and requested an address to send the correspondence to.

A member of the public reported the large potholes leaving the village at Bakestone Moor, these have already been reported.

Cllr. Munro once again raised from the council the issue of blocked drains from the old butchers arms down in to the square.

Karl May 20, 20158:22 PM

8.3. Members of the public to discuss matters of importance with the Councillors present – District
Cllr. Ritchie thanked Cllr. Webster for his service.

He informed that he had looked in to dog fouling and some “stenciling” work has been ordered and that if these did not work then the dog warden would be patrolling at appropriate times to issue on the spot fines.

A member of the public requested a dog fouling bin near the old farm on Claylands Place as members of the public sometimes bag their waste but drop it once they have walked their dog down the tracks.  WPC has previously asked for bins in various places but Bolsover had refused to empty them.

He also informed that he is looking in to the issue of lorries and has had contact from members of the public who have research and evidence and had also witnessed the problem first hand.

A question had been asked about how many garage sites BDC have.

Cllr. Ritchie is a member of the cabinet at BDC with the housing and IT briefs and is on the planning committee.  He has also been co-opted to be a member of the governors at Whitwell School.

He also informed what committees Cllr. Munro is on (to be filled in later).

He has spoken with the CAN rangers to ask them about Bakestone Moor.

A member of the public asked if the two new district councillors would be having a Saturday morning surgery at the community centre.  Cllr. Munro informed that they had no plans to hold a surgery in such a public location and that contact details are readily available and meetings in private would be setup as needed.

Karl May 20, 20158:25 PM

8.3. Members of the public to discuss matters of importance with the Councillors present – Parish

A member of the public asked about the Quarry Liaison Committee and if he would be able to continue on it as the parish representative.  The Clerk would look in to it and Cllr. McGregor supported this action as did Cllr. Munro.

Karl May 20, 20158:28 PM

9. To consider for approval the minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 April 2015
Accuracy – No issues.

The minutes were signed as a true record.

Karl May 20, 20158:32 PM

10. To consider any matters arising (for information only) from the Minutes of the Meeting held on 8 April 2015
Cllr. Webster informed he had spotted a typo with the name of the PCSO in the minutes.

Cllr. Munro enquired if their was any correspondence on Item 6.  An email reply had been circulated from the Superintendent.

Karl May 20, 20158:35 PM

11. Accounts for approval and payment
Cllr. Webster queried travel expenses.  This was travel expenses for a three day training course for one of the parish handymen.

The RFO informed that the 1st two payments on the list had already been paid as HMRC like to be paid on time and that BDC had already sent a letter requesting payment.

The payments were approved.

Karl May 20, 20158:37 PM

12. Financial Reports
The RFO apologised for not raising this under Item 10 and that he has now started paying in money at the local co-operative store to the council’s bank account.

The RFO had no issues to report for the wages summary or the budget monitoring reporting, both are on track with one month of the new financial year gone.

Karl May 20, 20158:57 PM

13. To consider to accept the council’s financial risk assessment
The RFO highlighted the payroll risk if the council should lose the computerised payroll data and how he guards against the risk.

There was a discussion around the risk and ways of reducing it in terms of the parish council IT.

The RFO informed that WPC had never lost any data and discussion was had on reducing the risk level.  Cllr. Maiden proposed it stayed as it was.

Cllr. Maiden raised the risk of losing a member of staff and that there was only one member of staff that could carry out the RFO role so the councils mitigating factors would not hold true for this position.  He recommended that another member of staff could perhaps be trained to fulfill that role so that the mitigation holds true.  Cllr. Munro agreed it did need looking at.  A locuum was suggested and Cllr. Maiden suggested this would in theory be okay but they might not have the information they need should anything happen to the current RFO.
Cllr. Maiden proposed that the Clerk be trained in the role by the RFO.  All agreed.

Cllr. Maiden also raised the bank reconciliation which states “upon the receipt of each statement” and as the council uses electronic banking that it needed amending to “on a monthly basis with a statement taken from the online banking”.  All agreed.  The RFO stated that he carries out reconciliation most days when their are transactions against the online banking.  A short discussion ensued and Cllr. Munro stated that the council needs evidence of this.  Cllr. Maiden suggested that a change needs to be made to the reconciliation carried out during the meeting and it was agreed.

Cllr. Maiden queried the cemetery “lack of available space” and that the action should state “continue with the process of purchasing a piece of land”.

He also raised the precept risk and that the budget monitoring should state monthly not bi-monthly.

He then raised the “compliance with statutory deadlines” risk and the issue the council had had in the previous financial year with travel expenses.

Karl May 20, 20159:00 PM

14. To review the council’s fixed asset register

The RFO commented that it is general practice to include “public assets” such as recreation grounds, allotments etc. at a nominal value such as £0 or £1.  The allotments are currently listed as £0.

The register was accepted.

Karl May 20, 20159:02 PM

15. To approve the schedule of regular direct payments for 2015/16
These cover such things as energy, payroll, bank, telecoms etc. that are paid on a regular basis.

It was agreed to accept the schedule of payments. Cllr. Maiden and Munro signed the approval.

Karl May 20, 20159:04 PM

16. To consider councillor training on 15.7.15
Induction training for new councillors and refresher training from 6-8PM at the Arc in Clowne.  Cllr. Munro urged new councillors especially to take up this training and advised that all should attend if possible.

Karl May 20, 20159:08 PM

17. To consider the management of the council’s IT

It was moved that former councillor Karl Austin continue to manage the council IT on a no-fee basis.

Karl May 20, 20159:11 PM

18. Public Spaces Protection Orders
It was suggested the the council write to the district council and the police to investigate in relation to problems raised with ASB and dog fouling.  A short discussion ensued.

Karl May 20, 20159:14 PM

19. Parish Plan

Cllr. Maiden gave some background and requested a date be set for the first proper meeting, suggesting Thursday 4th June 2015 at 19:30.  A question was asked about the WPC involvement, the Clerk clarified what the recommendations are.  It was also suggested that a representative from Locality should be invited.

Karl May 20, 20159:35 PM

20. To consider arranging the skate park official opening
Cllr. Munro suggested it would be inappropriate to consider an official opening at this time until problems are resolved.

Cllr. Maiden suggested that this would cause problems with the funders who are asking about when it will be officially opened.

Cllr. Munro suggested the funders should be made aware of the problems and brought on board to bring pressure upon the contractors as it is not as the parish council expected and were given assurances about.

Cllr. Munro further highlighted some issues that he was unhappy with at the skate park and that these should be taken up with the contractor.

It was suggested by Cllr. Munro that Proludic, the lead contractor, be written to expressing the concerns of the council and that the funders be copied in on the letter.  Dates suggested were 27, 28, 29 May.

A member of the public suggested fortnightly meetings with concerned residents rather than leaving it a month between council meetings.

It was agreed to write to Proludic and the funders to request an urgent meeting and that fortnightly meetings be held with residents to keep them informed.

It was suggested by a member of the public that the council asks the residents concerned to nominate one or two representatives to liaise with the parish council so that orderly progress can be made.

A member of the public questioned if WPC had signed off on the skate park.  It had.  Former councilor Karl Austin stated he had discussions via email where he had stated he would not personally sign off on it, but was not at the final sign off meeting.

Karl May 20, 20159:42 PM

21. To consider remedial works/improvement to the brick boundary wall in the community centre garden.
The handymen of highlighted that it needs some remedial work as it has patches of render, painted sections etc.   Cllr. Munro suggested a meeting with the handymen on site.   Cllr. Maiden suggested we do not know who actually owns the wall so we may not have any right to do any works.  A discussion ensued.  Cllr. Munro suggested writing to Welbeck to check on the deeds.  Cllr. Maiden suggested anything that was unsafe should be dealt with.

Karl May 20, 20159:43 PM

22.1. DCC – Rumble Strip, High Street
Highway inspector has confirmed that the defect correction work has been ordered.

Karl May 20, 20159:45 PM

22.2. BDC – Street Sports Programme
Sessions can make use of the MUGA at Bakestone Moor, they may be able to make use of the skate park via Extreme Wheels.

It was agreed that the council take up the street sports programme from BDC.

Karl May 20, 20159:46 PM

22.3. Creswell Heritage Trust – Free Cave Tour Tickets
The trust have sent 10 free tickets to the Crags exhibitions for residents of Whitwell.  These will be made available on a first come first serve basis from the Community Centre.

There will also be a community day on 20th June where residents of Whitwell will be able to gain half price entry.

Karl May 20, 20159:47 PM

22.4 & 22.5

Dealt with earlier.

Karl May 20, 20159:48 PM

22.6. Copy letter sent to RBL from Whitwell Brass Band
The Brass Band require a payment of £100 to perform at the Armistice Day Parade.

Karl May 20, 20159:49 PM

22.7. Resident – Thank you to previous District Councillors
A letter thanking Cllrs. Mills & Webster for their hard work over the years.

Karl May 20, 20159:49 PM

22.8. DALC Circular No. 10/2015 – Government Transparency Fund/My Community/ Audit Briefing Session/Section 137 Expenditure Limit 2015/16

Karl May 20, 20159:50 PM

22.9. DALC Circular No. 11/2015 – Parish & Town Councils which are inquorate/CILCA/General Power of Competence/Connecting Derbyshire/Training

Karl May 20, 20159:51 PM

22.10. DALC Circular No. 12/2015 – DALC Executive Committee

Karl May 20, 20159:51 PM

22.11. DALC Circular No. 13/2015 – Good Councillor Guide Addendum/New Documents in Finance & Audit Section of DALC Website/Governance and Accountability/Connecting Derbyshire Consultation/Derbyshire Dales CVS Funding Talk/Clerk & RFO Vacancy

Karl May 20, 20159:54 PM

23.1. 15/00180/LBC – Replacement of external doors and frames and structural repairs, 52 Old Hall Lane, Whitwell.
Cllr. Munro declared a Level 1 interest as he will be vice chair of planning at BDC from tomorrow.  He can still make observations, but will not be making an opinion.

As long as LBC is followed.

Karl May 20, 20159:55 PM

23.2. 15/00177/FUL – Erection of a detached timber garden room, 9 Spring Hill, Whitwell.
No objections.

Karl May 20, 20159:56 PM

23.3. 15/00195/TPO – Pruning works to sycamore tree, 10 Plantation Close, Whitwell.
No objections.

Karl May 20, 20159:56 PM

23.4. 15/00196/FUL – Extension to front of the detached garage, 5 Bellsfield Close, Whitwell.
No objections.

Karl May 20, 20159:57 PM

23.5 Not Listed – TPO Re-pollarding trees 7 Poplars Whitwell.

No objections

Karl May 20, 201510:05 PM

24. Progress Reports

It was felt the skate park project issues had been dealt with earlier.  Cllr. Munro suggested inviting Cllr. Ritchie and Cllr. Murray-Carr from BDC to any meeting.

Cllr. Maiden suggested that the CCTV issue should be progressed, Cllr. Munro thought the noise issues etc. should be dealt with first.  Cllr. Ellis thought the two issues should run concurrently as did Cllr. Maiden.

Cllr. Munro stated he had spoken about funding streams for CCTV with Cllrs. Richie & Murray-Carr.

Cllr. J. Raspin reported that recruitment for the Playscheme will begin shortly.  Cllr. Munro said there would be building works starting at the school but they should not impact upon the playscheme.

Cllr.Maiden updated on the community centre lease situation.  Cllr. Maiden has finally had a reply from Welbeck and that they wish to see the valuation report the Parish Council had performed on an open market basis.  Advice has been sought from Mark Bedford at DCC as to how to proceed.

Cllr. Maiden suggested that buying the building was the only sensible long term option due to the importance of the building to the community of Whitwell.

Karl May 20, 201510:05 PM

25. Date of the next meeting

10th June 2015

Karl May 20, 201510:25 PM

26. Fifteen minute public session for members of the public to comment on items discussed at this meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)
A member of the public enquired if those that had had accidents on the skate park had been wearing the recommended appropriate safety equipment?  The answer was not known.

Karl May 20, 201510:26 PM

27. To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the public and press from the remainder of the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

Moved at approx. 22:12.

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