A Plan for Whitwell

Would you like to help shape the future of Whitwell?  Do you have ideas on what we need in our community for the future?

If so then you should come along to the meeting on Monday 8th June at 19:00 in the meeting room at Whitwell Community Centre.

Whilst Parish Councillors will no doubt be present and the council is offering administrative support, this is not a council project and nor should it be – A Neighbourhood Plan (Parish Plan) is for the people of Whitwell Parish as a whole to shape and should serve to inform the council of what we want.

Neighbourhood Plans allow local communities to shape their future planning policy and developments rather than everything being controlled from district and county levels and serve to inform all levels of council what the community needs.

You can find more about Neighbourhood Planning on the My Community website:


Whitwell Quarry – Planning Proposals Exhibition

Lafarge Tarmac will be holding a public exhibition at Whitwell Community Centre from 14:00-19:00 Wednesday 10th June and 10:00-15:00 on Thursday 11th June about their proposals to extend the life of the quarry and access new areas of limestone earlier than originally planned.

Lafarge Tarmac wish to get the views of local residents on the proposals and staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Update (03/06/2015): You can see the proposals below, they are to extend the quarrying to the two areas marked in green towards Franklin Avenue and the right hand side towards Southfield Lane and two smaller areas at the bottom end of the site.  The extensions will allow them to extract the limestone required to mix and maintain the correct product grades that they need for their customers.  It is estimated that this will further extend the life of the quarry by another 15 years on top of the current 10 year expected life.

lafarge-extension-planKarl | Whitwell Parish