8th July 2015 – Whitwell Parish Council Meeting

Karl July 8, 20157:01 PM

1. Apologies for absence
Cllr. Maiden

Karl July 8, 20157:02 PM

2. To record declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests from members on any items to be discussed
Cllr. Green declared an interest in 11.2.

Karl July 8, 20157:02 PM

3. To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest (forms to be completed before the meeting)
Not applicable.

Karl July 8, 20157:03 PM

4. Public Participation Session – to allow members of the public to speak to the meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)

Karl July 8, 20157:08 PM

4.1. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the police
16 crimes total.

Cllr. Munro raised an issue at Bakestone Moor recreation ground where a resident’s wife had reported ASB and requested that her name not be given, the officer attending immediately went to her front door before dealing with the issue.  This led to the ASB causers harassing the resident as soon as the police had left.

PSCO Levers said he would take the issue back to his superiors.

PSCO Levers reported that he had carried out a speeding survey on Bakestone Moor and in an hour one car was caught speeding.  Traffic police have also been in the village, 3 cars have been seized and 1 stopped for speeding.

Cllr. Ritchie reported that a Porsche sports car had overtaken him at speed going past the church.

Karl July 8, 20157:16 PM

4.2. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the County Councillor
Cllr. McGregor didn’t have anything to report.

A member of the public raised road safety issues between New Street going out of the village.  There are lots of cars parked up causing an issue when passing them and with cars entering the village.

A member of the public thanked Cllr. Munro for looking at the T-Junction sign on Butt Hill, the vegetation has been cut back and the sign is more visible, but not by enough and that stones are being washed on to the road from the paths.  Cllr. Munro said he had spoken with the footpath officer and he did not think it was an issue.

Cllr. Webster questioned the £22m underspend by DCC given that they have been telling us about large cuts they need to make.  Cllr. McGregor said he hadn’t not seen this and asked if more information could be provided.  He re-iterated the savings that need to be made by 2018 and that the council had taken significant money from reserves to help repair and resurface roads.

Cllr. Webster praised the work the workmen had done in dealing with the roads.

Cllr. Mills said that at the A60/Belph junction that you could still see the old road markings.  Cllr. McGregor said this was most likely due to the hot weather and the lorries.

Karl July 8, 20157:16 PM

4.3. Members of the public to discuss matters of importance with the Councillors present

Karl July 8, 20157:24 PM

District Council
Cllr. Ritchie advertised the Adventure Fest 2015 at Pleasley vale on 19th July between 10:00-16:00 and is free to attend.

A name plate has been replaced in the village where it was a problem.

He is still looking in to the issue with water and stones running down Old Hall Lane.

The A-frame up at Plantation for the path is still being sorted.

Morrisons are now not moving to Bolsover, they did not inform the council of this properly and still owe the council a new contact centre and control centre or money to do so.

The council leader has attended the LGA Conference where BDC was mention by Harriet Harman MP for something they were doing right.

The Sheffield City Region was also discussed of which Bolsover is part of and the government wants Sheffield to have a Mayor so more money can be accessed.

Cllr. Ritchie mentioned that the electrification of the Midland Mainline would not be happening.

Interviews for the Chief Executive will begin next week.

Cllr. Ritchie explained that historically that council houses were paid for by councils borrowing from the Public Works Loan board and any surplus paid to the govt.  When the new govt. came to power they changed the scheme so that BDC took on a £94m debt in exchange for being able to keep 100% of the rents and being able to increase rents the same as housing associations.  2 years ago the rent increases were disallowed.  Today the budget has announced a 1% reduction in council house rents per year for the next few years which will cost BDC at least £1m a year.

Cllr. Mills reported that both signs for Holmefield Road need replacing.  Cllr. Munro reported the sign for Doles Lane is broken as well.

Karl July 8, 20157:38 PM

Parish Council

A member of the public questioned why the water bills had reverted back to not being itemised between allotments and cemetery.

A member of the public raised issues about a path from the train station to Southfield Lane that is unsafe as there is no fencing and the path is unsafe and very overgrown and no lights work.  Cllr. Munro agreed to investigate to see whose responsibility the path was.  Cllr. McGregor thought it was a county issue, Cllr. Mills identified it as footpath 55.

A member of the public asked if there were any plans to develop on the allotments at Bakestone Moor.  The land belongs to WPC and cannot be used for anything other than allotments (pending any govt. interference).  A member of the public stated that they are statutory allotments.  Cllr. Munro stated there had been no plans for development in that general area.

A member of the public raised the events that would be held at Bakestone Moor.  It was explained at the Street Sports from BDC that the council pay for and that it is once a week.

A member of the public asked about the skatepark and a noise abatement order on it and when it would be discussed.  The member of the public asked where the leaflet about the recreation grounds was delivered to.  It was explained the Parish Newsletter is circulated by Look Magazine along with the notice about the recreation grounds and that since the notice was produced there had been further developments.  The member of the public queried why some houses had not yet had a copy, Cllr. Munro stated that he does not control the distribution route.

The member of the public asked if the extra meeting on the 17th would still be going ahead in light of the recent news.  Cllr. Munro stated this would be debated later in the meeting and that the decision would be published on the website and on the noticeboard after the meeting.

The member of the public thought that applying the council standing orders was stifling debate.

Karl July 8, 20157:39 PM

5. To consider for approval the minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 June 2015

The minutes were approved as a true record.
Karl July 8, 20157:45 PM

6. To consider any matters arising (for information only) from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 10 June 2015
Cllr. Munro raised 4.2.10 which he should have reported on under 4.2, that he has seen machines emptying gullies.

Cllr. Webster raised 4.3.10 and that he had been given assurances by former Cllr. Austin and his “boss” that every step had been taken.  Mr Austin stated that no-one is his boss and that the working group made those assurances which many councillors were members of.  Cllr. Munro stated as he was on that working group and that those assurances were made given on the information the working group had taken professional advice it had available.

Cllr. Munro reported that 42/2015-16 has been carried out and that the RFO had ceased to be employed by the council and that the Parish Clerk is now acting RFO.

Karl July 8, 20157:50 PM

7. Accounts for approval and payment

Cllr. Mills raised typo with Whitwell Community Centre in the payments list.
No other issues were raised and they were approved.
Cllrs. Mills & Webster signed the two cheques.
The Clerk stated that she has carried out referencing on the bank reconciliation to make it clearer for those carrying it out and explained how it should be carried out.  Cllr. Ellis carried out the reconciliation.
Karl July 8, 20157:53 PM

8. Financial Reports

Budget Monitoring – The Clerk raised item 2K the Rospa inspection and that the budget head did not contain enough to cover it.
Wages Summary – The May document had been corrected with the date added.  An error was spotted that it should say 2015/16 not 2014/15.
Karl July 8, 20157:59 PM

9. Risk Management
The Clerk informed that this item had come from something discussed at the Community Centre Management Committee.  This was for a consultant to carry out a thorough audit and inspection of Health & Safety policy and provide a detailed report and information for employees.  The consultant would become the H&S Competent Person as well as carrying out many other services including keeping up to date with legislation.   The cost for the service would be £500 per year.

Cllr. Ritchie thought it seemed rather cheap based on his past experience   The Clerk is also obtaining other quotes.  The item was agenda for the next meeting.

Karl July 8, 20159:11 PM

10. Correspondence:-

10.1. Email from Cllr Roy Denton, H&BPC to Cllr D McGregor regarding traffic calming measures
Cllr. Munro informed that the end of the Joint Cemetery Committee Cllr. Denton had approached him regarding the lack of signage on the Whitwell side of the railway bridge warning of the recreation ground.  Cllr. Munro asked the council to agree no objections to any signage.  The council agreed.
10.2. DALC Circular No. 16/2015 – Grants and Funding
10.3. DALC Circular No. 17/2015 – Smaller Authorities Transparency Fund/Vacancy

10.4. WCC Management Committee – removal of canvas from meeting room
A discussion ensued about the canvas.  Cllr. Raspin stated she wouldn’t like to see it destroyed.  Cllr. Webster stated it is on bratish cloth from the mines.
The council raised no objection to it being removed and that it should be stored.
10.5 – Unlisted: From NE Derbyshire District Council
It has been determined that a statuary noise nuisance exists at Bakestone Moor Skate Park.
Notice has been served allowing 21 days to abate the noise.
Cllr. Munro stated he has made great efforts to get information from the officer any scientific basis for the judgement and that the officer is not obliged to have any evidence as it is on the grounds of health.
Cllr. Munro disputed that the officer has worked with the Parish Council despite assurances that they were there to work in a mediation role, as after stating this they served a noise abatement notice within 48 hours.  Cllr. Munro feels that the officer acted with prejudice, Cllr. Green thought the tone of the meeting was disappointing and that the officer had taken personalities in to account when they should not, the officer stating, “I don’t think anything you do will please them”.
Cllr. F Raspin thought some measurement should be provided as a subjective feeling does not give any basis to bring it inline.
A discussion ensued.
Cllr. Munro outlined an example from another Parish Council where the council fought such an abatement order and that residents would not stop.
Cllr. Mills stated she was at a BBQ on 4th July at a house the adjoins the park and that for several periods no-one was using the skate park and that the noise was not intrusive whilst it was in use.
Cllr. Munro has started investigating the erection of a fence around the skate park so that it can be locked up to be used only between specific times.  Cllr. Ritchie informed that a fence requires careful thought because of safeguarding issues.
Cllr. Ritchie informed that BDC had worked within the law and that he didn’t want to see the skatepark removed.
Cllr. Ellis asked how any remedial works improvement would be measured and that if it were based on resident testimony than the council would never win.  Cllr. Munro read out part of the letter from BDC stating that they thought there was no remedial work that could be carried out to “fix” the issue.  BDC asked the contractor to guarantee that residents would not be able to hear any noise.  It was thought that expecting zero noise to penetrate was completely unreasonable.
Cllr. Munro stated the aim of calling an extraordinary meeting to discuss the skatepark was to gain a wider opinion from the parish.
Another discussion ensued.
Cllr. F Raspin suggested the council write back to the officer and ask for suggestions on how to reduce the noise.  Cllr. Munro has investigated acoustic consultants and eventually found a consultant to talk to, a plan of the site had been sent to them and the cost for an assessment would be £850.
A member of the public stated his boss is treasurer of Clarborough PC and that they spent lots of money trying to reduce the noise and that in the end it did not work and they had to remove it in the end.
Cllr. Ritchie raised the issue of the funding that was secured to pay for the skate park and if it would have to be paid back, although he thought the chances of problems were slim.
Cllr. Ritchie mentioned the land on Southfield Lane as a site.  Cllr. Munro stated the site was under offer from several parties.
Cllr. Ritchie suggested the council wait and make a decision at the extraordinary meeting.  Cllrs. F Raspin & Ellis agreed.
A member of the public asked if the officer had indicated if restricting the hours via fencing it off would remove the nuisance.  Cllr. Munro said the letter suggested the lack of restricting hours was the reason for the abatement order being served.
Cllr. Green urged the meeting for the contractor to go ahead as time was short the council should be concentrating on that rather than what information would be available for the extraordinary meeting.
Cllr. Munro outlined the steps that the contractor stated they would take to try and reduce noise.
Cllr. Ellis re-stated that if the measurement of effectiveness is to be subjective and based on resident opinions that the council would never win and that was not a viewpoint he was happy with having to express.
Cllr. J Raspin asked if the council had a plan of works, would the deadline be extended.
Another discussion ensued.
Cllr. Munro read out the leaflet that has gone out to the parish, which led to more discussions.
Subject to reasonable cost, the council agreed for the remedial work to be carried out on Monday 13th July.  Councillors would be circulated with the costs via email.
It was also agreed to publicise the meeting to the local schools.
It was agreed that the cost implications for the options be put to the extraordinary meeting on 17th July in terms of how much each household will have to pay.
Karl July 8, 20159:15 PM

10.6. Update From Lafarge

Over 90 local residents and councillors visited the exhibition.  They are now preparing a planning application to be submitted to DCC.  Visitors raised a wide range of questions.  A number of villagers raised concerns about HGVs and made good suggestions on how to prevent any lapses in the policy of HGVs not being allowed through the villages.

Karl July 8, 20159:16 PM

11. Planning Matters:-

Cllr. Munro declared an interest due to being chair of the BDC planning comittee.

11.1 – No objections
11.2 – No objections subject to conservation zone
11.3 – No objections
Karl July 8, 20159:21 PM

12. Progress Reports

IT Working Group – 25th June.  Discussed objectives and what the WG would cover.  Discussed personnel issues relating to IT.  It was agreed that the website needs more content and updating to provide much more useful information.  Data safeguarding was also discussed, including options for backups.
A member of the youth club updated on the street sports scheme as it is the same night and that it is very well attended.
Playscheme – Full quota of staff and all in order.
Cllr. Munro announced the Cllr. Webster will have the status of alderman conferred upon him from BDC.
Karl July 8, 20159:22 PM

13. Date of Next Meeting
Wednesday 5th August 2015 – one week earlier than normal.

Karl July 8, 20159:23 PM

14. Fifteen minute public session for members of the public to comment on items discussed at this meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)
A member of the public asked if he had heard right that the RFO was no longer in post and asked if a letter of thanks for sevice will be sent.  Cllr. Webster asked if the RFO had been at the meeting and was informed that he had not. This will be discussed in confidential.

Karl July 8, 20159:23 PM

15. To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the public and press from the remainder of the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

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