5th August 2015 – Whitwell Parish Council Meeting

Karl August 5, 20157:02 PM

The chairman welcomed all to the meeting and announced the passing of Cllr. George Webster and asked all to stand for a minutes silence.

Karl August 5, 20157:03 PM

1 Apologies for absence
Cllrs. Mills, Green & Ritchie.

The funeral for Cllr. Webster will be 14th August at 1PM at St. Lawrences Church.

Karl August 5, 20157:03 PM

2 To record declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests from members on any items to be discussed 
There were none.

Karl August 5, 20157:03 PM

3 To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest (forms to be completed before the meeting)
There were none.

Karl August 5, 20157:15 PM

4 Public Participation Session – to allow members of the public to speak to the meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)
4.1. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the police
PCSO Levers reported that the crime statistics were not available to him today due to an IT issue.  There were no issues of major concern and the team are tackling the ASB issue at the skate park.  Speeding is also being looked at, with Section 59 warnings being issued (Driving in an anti-social manner).  Calls for duty have dropped recently.

The police are working with BDC to try and getting an order in place to stop drinking on the park.

A member of the public asked about the police presence on Jubilee Crescent.  There are on going issues but not much can be said at the moment about it.  It is a council property and the issues are being dealt with.  Issues on Hangar Hill were also mention.

A member of public asked about the evidence needed for the drinking order and alcohol abuse, and that surely the waste left behind is evidence.  However as there is no order stopping over 18s drinking on there, the litter is not evidence alone.

Cllr. Munro explained that the council are working with the police on the issue and that the handymen have stated that now there is no more alcohol waste on a Monday morning than there has been over the last 20 years.

The PCSO urged members of the public to call if they see children drinking on the recreation ground.

A member of public asked if the police were aware the “drug shop” seems to have moved down Sandy Lane near the football ground and also in the garages around the bungalows.

A member of public raised a parked car on Bridge Close on the junction which reduces visibility.

Cllr. Maiden asked for an update on the community speed watch programme, which has apparently been done, but another session can be carried out.  He also asked about lorries coming through the village, with reference to an article on the BBC  about lorries and incorrect sat-nav usage.  The BBC article stated that it was a police issue as the vehicles were moving.  PCSO Levers has passed it on to the traffic police, and he would remind them of it again.  Cllr. Maiden was of the view that if people were getting fined then they would stop using the route.

Cllr. Raspin raised the issue of some of the speeds the lorries do when coming down from Whitwell Common.

Karl August 5, 20157:40 PM

4.2. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the County Councillor
Cllr. McGregor discussed the exhibition given by Lafarge Tarmac and signage for their lorries if their planning permission was granted.  Lafarge considered the signage on the A60 and A619 could be improved.  Cllr. McGregor organised a meeting between Lafarge and the Highways Department which has taken place.

Cllr. Ritchie provided numerous photographs to Cllr. McGregor of lorries etc. and he is using this to help his case for having the bridge at Darfoulds altered to give greater clearance.  The feasibility study has been carried out but the outcome has not been announced yet.  Some of the photographs showed lorries passing with very little clearance between them.

Footpath 25, Doles Lane – Doles is not a public right of way, the council will asking the land owners to keep their hedges in order. Firbeck Lane has been cut in places.

Footpath 59 & Surface of footpath 60.  The paths have been looked at, footpath 59 had been cut back and the surface on footpath 60 is considered acceptable.

Butt Hill, the team attended and fixed signage for the school on Station Road, but found no signage at the end of Butt Hill.

Cllr. McGregor informed of how the council will be supporting those in food poverty with a range of measures working in partnership with other agencies.  21,000 Derbyshire residents were helped over the past year with emergency food parcels.

A consultation will taking place on the rights of way service.  The countryside service needs to save £1m.

The council agreed to keep funding seven housing related services at a reduced level and one at the same level.

Community transport consultation, revised proposals have been produced.

Cllr. Munro raised footpath 59 and that the issue is the surface is light gravel and rain washes the gravel down to the pavement at the bottom and that the officer at DCC does not seem to be understanding the issue.  The sign on Butt Hull has moved again and that only a minimal amount of vegetation was trimmed back.

A member of public raised an issue coming off of the A60, that at night you can’t see where the turn for Belph is as the signage is already around the corner, which is dangerous at night as people end up breaking later than is safe.  Cllr. McGregor suggested a light there to make it safer.

A member of the public asked about the A-frames on plantation, which is a BDC issue, which is in hand.

A member of the public asked about the hedging going in to Clowne and when it would be dealt with as it is far worse since the verge was cut today.

Cllr. Maiden asked about the resurfacing on the A619 and that near the half moon where there is a square service cover that had dropped some distance and is now even further since the re-surfacing as done.  There is also a similar one past arrow farm but not quite as bad a drop.  Cllr. Maiden asked why several visits of the machinery were needed rather than just getting the job done in one go, surely this is costing more money?  Cllr. McGregor will enquire as to the reason.

Cllr. Munro informed that BDC tends to close down for August so there is not a lot to report, except the apointment of a new joint director for BDC and NEDC, Daniel Swayne.

Cllr. Munro has also taken up a number of issues for residents, some with success, some with a degree of frustration.

Karl August 5, 20157:42 PM

4.3. Members of the public to discuss matters of importance with the Councillors present
A member of the public paid his tribute to Cllr. Webster and thought the council should place a plaque in the village in his memory.

Cllr. McGregor informed that Cllr. McGregor informed that only a week prior to his death Cllr. Webster had been made honorary alderman of Bolsover.

The member of the public raised the issue of the sign for Boot & Shoe that is on the war memorial island and if it should be there permanently.

A member of the public mentioned that Butt Hill and Bridge Close had not received a parish newsletter since May.

Cllr. Munro had looked at the footpath to the station.

A member of the public asked what is happening with the skate park.  Cllr. Munro informed:

– A noise abatement order had been issued on 7th July

– WPC asked BDC environmental health what steps they expected WPC to take given the two week (extended to three week) notice period.

– After some delay the chief environmental health officer attended a meeting with Cllr. Munro, a BDC director and the WPC Clerk.

– BDC provided a list of acoustic engineers who WPC might engage.

– After a delay of a number of days the list was provided and an engineer engaged.

– The acoustic engineer explained he would require 6-8 weeks to carry out the tasks to produce a report.  Both parties had agreed to respect the outcome of the report.  The acoustic engineer recommended an extension be sought for this to be carried out.

– BDC refused the extension.  WPC were then advised by the engineers legal advisor to lodge an appeal for a number of reasons.  On July 27th WPC lodged an appeal at Chesterfield Magistrates court.  BDC were informed and have since sent no communication to WPC.

– WPC are now in limbo as they agreed not to carry out any other work until the report is available.

A member of the public commented that the middle ramp has been quietened down for a few days, but now the sand has settled it isn’t as quiet.  He asked why the council had not asked for their money back if they were advised that it should be as quiet as concrete.  The conversation had already taken place but did not lead anywhere.

A member of the public asked about the appeal. Cllr. Munro informed the first hearing will be 12th August, which will be for initial information gathering and not the final hearing, which may be 2-3 weeks later.

Cllr. Raspin commented that WPC would have liked an opinion from BDC on the work that was carried out, but BDC refused to come out to the site.  A discussion ensued around the background and lack of BDC involvement.

A member of the public raised sofas that had been placed at the skate park, which were removed within 24 hours.

A member of the public raised the times mentioned at the extraordinary meeting, which were just examples.

Cllr. Ellis mentioned the Public Spaces Protection Orders and that times for the skate park may be able to be stipulated in the order.  A member of public asked how the orders can be enforced, Cllr. Ellis informed that the police and any officer of the council can enforce and they are legally binding.

Rubbish bins were mentioned again, and that they are often full.  New bins are in progress.

A discussion took place about the public meeting that was held and why it was held when it is now a matter between WPC and BDC and that it had set the children against the adults.  Cllr. Raspin stated that it was an opportunity to get some of the parents there to put pressure on their children to act respectfully.

A member of the public raised that 2-3 years ago the council were looking in to more land for allotments.  Cllr. Munro informed that the land in question BDC wanted an unreasonable sum of money for the land and that the terms of the lease were not acceptable.  Cllr. Munro will look in to what happened in to the enquiries about quarry hill.  The Clerk informed that most people want them at Bakestone Moor.  The member of the public asked about a planning application on the allotment site at Hodthorpe from Welbeck Estates. Cllr. Munro informed it is correct and that the first part of the plan is to effectively move the allotments to an alternative site.  The member of the public informed this could increase demand for allotments in Whitwell if it goes ahead.

A member of the public also raised respects to Cllr. Webster and his knowledge of council matters.

Karl August 5, 20158:21 PM

5 To consider for approval the minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 July 2015
The minutes were approved.

Karl August 5, 20158:26 PM

6 To consider any matters arising (for information only) from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 8 July 2015
11.2 – Cllr. Maiden asked which garage is being converted? Was it a double garage?  Cllr. Maiden stated that one of the conditions of the construction of his garage was that it should never become a dwelling.  Cllr. Munro stated he could not remember.

12 – Street Sports are being very well attended, better than they have ever previously been in Whitwell.

Karl August 5, 20158:26 PM

7 To consider for approval the minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 17 July 2015
The minutes were approved.

Karl August 5, 20158:27 PM

8 To consider any matters arising (for information only) from the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on 17 July 2015
There were no further matters to report that have not already been reported earlier in the meeting.

Karl August 5, 20158:31 PM

9 Notice of vacancy due to the death of Cllr George Webster
Officially minuted.  The notice will displayed on Monday 17th August with a 14 day notice period.  If within that period 10 or more electors call for a poll then there will be a by-election.  If no election is held the council can chose to co-opt.

A member of the public asked if it could be filled by the person with the next highest count in the recent election.  Cllr. Munro informed that this could not be the case and explained the process again.

Karl August 5, 20158:37 PM

10 Public Spaces Protection Order (Cllr T Munro)
Cllr. Munro gave some information about the orders and that WPC is awaiting a reply from BDC on if such an order would be justified as the PCSO stated evidence was needed to build a case.

A member of the public asked if dog fouling would be dealt with in the order.  A discussion took place around the orders.

It was proposed that it be an agenda item in September with a view to establishing a working group to discuss the issues.

Cllr. Ellis had discussed the process with a PCSO from Shriebrook who stated it is a long drawn out process.

Karl August 5, 20158:41 PM

11 Risk Management
Two more quotes have been asked for, for risk management services as per the decision at the previous meeting.

One quote is still waiting to come in, it was agreed to defer until September.

Cllr. Maiden asked exactly what they would be providing, the Clerk explained the services.

Karl August 5, 20158:45 PM

12 Accounts for approval and payment
1st item – is the new lease for the store, there is no budget number for it, as no budget was set for it in February as it was somewhat unexpected.  Cllr. Maiden asked what budget head the rent for Whitwell Common came out.

There was also no budget item for the skate park works and appeal.  Cllr. Maiden suggested contingency, Cllr. Munro suggested it comes out of the initiatives budget.  Cllr. Ellis asked if the initiatives budget was for new projects. It was agreed to place it in contingencies.

Playscheme – 2 of the 3 have been paid back to the council from the Playscheme.

The payments were authorised.

Karl August 5, 20158:46 PM

13 Financial Reports
The Wages Summary was accepted.

Karl August 5, 20159:12 PM

14 Correspondence:-

14.1. Resident – skate park

A member of the public stated that when they have taken their son there it has always been friendly and that other children have been very helpful to her son when he has needed it.  Noted.

14.2. BDC – Review of CAN Ranger Service

The council contracts CAN rangers as a way of discharging its duties under the crime and disorder act.

The council has no staff trained to issue fixed penalty notices.

14.3. DCC – Community Transport Consultation

A response is required by 20th September, there is a large amount of paperwork. Cllr. Munro asked for it to be deferred until September due to this.

14.4. BDC&NEDDC Enforcement Policy Consultation

Cllr. F. Raspin had read it and considered that they were not working in the spirit of their policy, in partnership with guidance and support etc. given issues that have arisen with the Skate Park.  Cllr. Maiden stated that the policy is most likely sound, but the application of it may not be.  Cllr. F. Raspin agreed.

The council agreed it was a good policy, but needed to actually be implemented correctly.

14.5. HCA – Land at Southfield Lane

An offer has been accepted from a developer in relation to the site.  Pending approval the name cannot be released, board approval should take place on 17th August.

14.6. DCC – PROW Review Consultation

Public Rights of Way.  Deferred until September.

14.7. North Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court – Appeal

12th August 10AM Chesterfield Magistrates Court re: Skate Park.  The Chair is unfortunately on holiday.  It is a directions hearing to gather information about the situation.  The Vice Chair (Cllr. F. Raspin) should be able to attend and Cllr. Maiden will also attend as he has prior knowledge from before Cllr. F. Raspin was elected.

14.8. DALC Circular No. 18/2015 – Employment News Circular

Cllr. Munro asked the Clerk if she could put together some information on what the implications of the new Living Wage would be on the council.

14.9. DALC Circular No. 19/2015 – General Power of Competence/Executive Members/LAIS Local Associations Information Service.

Cllr. Maiden asked if the council satisfies all the criteria to state that it accepts the general power of competence.  The clerk informed there was one minor step to be carried out.  Cllr. Maiden proposed that all the needed items be completed so the council can consider in September/October if it wishes to accept the power.

14.10 Skate Park

Email sent to Cllr. Munro and forwarded to the Clerk.  Cllr. Munro has replied in detail already.

14.11 Traffic

A member of the public is concerned about the traffic on the main roads through the village and children going to and from the skate park and urged increasing road safety awareness and possible traffic calming measures.  The placing of signs for road works also recently completely blocked the pavements.

Cllr. J. Raspin asked that something be placed in the next newsletter urging parents to help urge their children to be more careful and respectful in going to/from the skate park and whilst using it.  She also suggested talking with the schools.

Cllr. Munro had met with the handymen to see if it is viable to place a large kissing gate on the entrance to slow down those exiting the skate park.  A discussion ensued on how to get the message across to the children on how to look after themselves and make sure they are safe and respectful.

Cllr. Maiden asked the letter be copied to DCC and Cllr. McGregor.

A member of the public informed that the Youth Club has talked with children about remaining respectful to people.

Karl August 5, 20159:17 PM

15 Planning Matters:-     

15.1. 15/00336/FUL – Formation of new access and parking area, 16 Hangar Hill, Whitwell.

Cllr. Maiden asked for clarification on exactly which property it is.  After clarification he thought it would cause major traffic issues due to the brow of the hill, proximity to the zebra crossing and the bus stop.

A member of the public stated that there are no double yellow lines at that location and that a car often stops there and he thought it was no more dangerous to have an access there than someone parking there.

Another member of the public thought access had been applied for and denied a number of years ago.

15.2. 15/00356/FUL – Single storey side extension with raised landing at rear, 11 Butt Hill, Whitwell. 

No observations.

Karl August 5, 20159:20 PM

16 Progress Reports
Playscheme – Ofsted inspection was carried out today.  There appeared to be no concerns and a good report was expected.  The report should be given in the next few days.  Cllr. J. Raspin stated she was very proud of the playscheme and made this known to the inspector.

Karl August 5, 20159:20 PM

17 Date of Next Meeting
9th September 2015.

Karl August 5, 20159:21 PM

18 Fifteen minute public session for members of the public to comment on items discussed at this meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)
A member of the public suggested signage at the entrances to the skate park, “Stop, Look, Listen” perhaps.

Karl August 5, 20159:21 PM

19 To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the public and press from the remainder of the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.


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