14th October 2015 – Whitwell Parish Council Meeting

Karl October 14, 20157:02 PM

1 Apologies for absence
Cllr. Maiden

Karl October 14, 20157:03 PM

2 To record declarations of personal and disclosable pecuniary interests from members on any items to be discussed 

There were none.
Karl October 14, 20157:03 PM

3 To receive and approve requests for dispensations from members on matters in which they have a disclosable pecuniary interest (forms to be completed before the meeting)

Karl October 14, 20157:03 PM

4 Public Participation Session – to allow members of the public to speak to the meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)

Karl October 14, 20157:03 PM

Cllr. Munro moved items from item 10 to this section.

Karl October 14, 20157:21 PM

A meeting with WPC and the acoustic consultant and BDC environmental health took place with the aim of reducing the noise.

It was agreed with them to carry out feasibility studies for a variety of measures that could be undertaken to improve the situation.  The original contractor has responded with a variety of measures and also a senior member from the acoustic consultants.

What is being suggested is very comprehensive and thus costly, which the council will consider later in the meeting.  The council will need to decide if it goes down the route of these measures or a complete replacement with a quieter system.

Environmental Health are also asking what WPC will be doing to control use of the skate park during the half term holidays.

Cllr. Munro explained that there are many options, often conflicting from different experts.

A member of the public asked Cllr. McGregor about the small fund for community projects that were in the DCC newsletter and if it could be used.  He explained that there are certain requirements and that one of them is that it is a community group.

Another member of the public stated that some of the proposals seemed to have an element of “suck-it-and-see” and asked if the options had been graded on their likely success.  Cllr. Munro stated that the most informed report came from the councils legal advisor who is also an acoustic engineer and that it was only received yesterday.  The member of the public commented that the previous work done did quieten it down for a week or two, Cllr. Munro stated this was due to settlement and some issues with plates still coming loose and this was highlighted in the report from the acoustic consultant.

Another member of the public stated that a number of youths followed her up to Bakestone Moor and they were walking and riding in the road and that some stated in their conversations that they would be up there until 11PM and they weren’t school children.

A member of public asked about a rumour that 3 cherry trees at Bakestone Moor would be felled at the front of the recreation ground.  Cllr. Munro stated it was 3 cherry trees at the cemetery that have been felled because they were a danger to high voltage power lines.  Part of the rumour was that they were being cut down for floodlights to be installed, Cllr. Munro stated this is not happening and would be counter productive.

Another member of the public stated there is still an issue with the plantation area being used as a toilet.  Cllr. Ellis stated that the handymen are working on getting that area so it can be kept cut back down which should help.

Karl October 14, 20157:53 PM

4.2. Members of the Parish Council and the public to discuss matters of importance with the County Councillor

Cllr. McGregor reported on the D2N2 and Sheffield City Region proposals.  A devolution deal has been struck for Sheffield City Region, which Chesterfield and Bassetlaw councils have also signed up to.  BDC have not signed up as members of it as they are looking more to D2N2 partnership.  The Mayoral aspect will only cover South Yorkshire.

DCC are expecting more cuts in their government funding, as well as money that will need to be found for the new “Living Wage”.

Business Bolsover has a fund for tourism businesses in the D2N2 area.  The fund as £350,000 available.

The consultation for proposed changes to Community Transport has ended with a good response received.  A report will be taken to the cabinet in November when the findings have been analysed.
Cllr. McGregor thanked Cllr. Munro for his help in resolving an issue within Whitwell School and also thanked Cllr. Ritchie for his help with the school crossing patrol issue on Station Road and that information has been submitted to DCC and a site meeting organised.  Cllr. Munro updated members of the public on the situation, that there is no longer a crossing patrol on Station Road as the lady who did the patrol retired and there is no official crossing there.

Cllr. McGregor ended on a more positive note that signage has been installed on the M1 to encourage lorries to use Jct. 31 of the M1 and along the A57.  Also Tarmac (formerly LaFarge) have identified sites where signage for their own drivers/contractors could be improved and amended to help keep traffic out of Whitwell whilst the name was being updated from LaFarge to Whitwell.

A member of the public asked when the grit bins would be filled as there are reports that were are in for a bad winter.  He had checked four grit bins, one is empty with a broken lid, two were half full and another full.  Cllr. McGregor stated he does not know but he will find out and report the issues mentioned.  Cllr. McGregor stated there is always a problem with people taking the grit for their own use when it is intended for use on the roads at specific locations.  Cllr. Munro clarified that WPC has not previous joined any of the schemes where it takes responsibility for any of the grit bins so there are all DCC.

The police apologised for not being present due to a very busy night and had not been able to attended.

A member of the public asked who licensed scrap merchants as a friend had had a card and had someone take rubbish away, they paid £40 and a couple of weeks later the rubbish was found by Chesterfield Council in Eckington.  Cllr. Ritchie was aware of it and that it is in hand at Bolsover as there is a large amount of good information.  All such services should have a Waste Carrier License that you should ask to see.

Cllr. J Raspin stated that the speed sign from Hodthorpe to Whitwell was obstructed and could not be seen.

Cllr. Mills stated that at least a pelican crossing was needed on Station Road and that the signage on the M1 isn’t what is needed, but removing the designated high vehicle route is the solution.  Cllr. McGregor stated that pelican crossings have a cost and he appreciates the emotive issues around this and that it is incredibly difficult for the council to chose where money is spent.  A debate ensued.  Cllr. McGregor stated the problem is with car drivers and that no amount of crossings or signs will stop people if they want to ignore the speed limits, or park irresponsibly.  Cllr. Munro stated on Station Road the council put in proper parking bays and whenever he has been down that parents have parked in the bays.  On Southfield Lane the bollards installed have improved the situation and that a site meeting will take place on Station Road with regards to signage.
A member of the public stated that there is a sign on Mansfield Road as you head to Belph that has been overgrown and it makes it difficult to see the turn in the dark.  Cllr. McGregor said he would look in to it.
Karl October 14, 20158:04 PM

4.3. Members of the public to discuss matters of importance with the Councillors present

BDC is going to be an associate member of Sheffield City Region so they can be a full member of D2N2 when it happens.  BDC and other “shire” districts were put under great pressure by George Osborn to sign up to Sheffield City Region.

The government is changing s106 planning rules with regards to affordable housing and starter homes.

Parking on Mill Lane has become an issue specifically some vans belonging to builders.  The Police have looked in to this and it should be sorted.
Rail North – The new franchises will be allowed to move to a driver only train with no guard, this presents problems for disabled travellers, especially at unmanned stations.  BDC supports the RMT motion to retain guards on trains.

Cllr. Ritchie is on the crematorium committee and attended a meeting at the crematorium followed by a full tour of the facility including the newly re-developed parts.

Cllr. Ritchie stated that he did have a flier for the upcoming election due to them not being legal with the printers name missing from them so he is unable to distribute them.
A member of the public stated that the parking issue on Mill Lane is not resolved.
A member of the public reported some fly-tipping, this has already been dealt with.  There is also a problem with a van parking completely on the pavement of Station Road.  A debate on parking legalities ensued.
Cllr. Mills said she had seen in the papers that in certain areas you could be fined for not carrying a bag for dog fouling.  BDC are waiting to see what happens in Northampton as they are expecting legal challenges to it.
Cllr. Ellis asked about fly tipping and it was mentioned that something was in progressed.  He asked if there was any progress?  Cllr. Ritchie stated it was being dealt with.
Karl October 14, 20158:07 PM

5 To consider for approval the minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9 September 2015

The minutes were accepted as a true record with a correction as to which Cllr. Raspin an item referred to.

Karl October 14, 20158:14 PM

6 To consider any matters arising (for information only) from the Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on 9 September 2015 

Cllr. F. Raspin updated on the Public Spaces Protection Order.  The Clerk had forwarded him the names of officers at BDC and has met with one of them yesterday to discuss the criteria around them.  It would be the responsibility of the district council to apply for one, but they are based on evidence of complaints received from members of the public and the police. A meeting will take place on Monday to discuss the issue.
13.2 – Cllr Munro asked if there had been a response from H&BPC. There has been no response, although it should have been considered at their council meeting on 6th October.
13.3 – Cllr. Mills asked for clarification on it being council driven rather than public. Cllr. Munro updated along with the chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee that as it is now a neighbourhood plan not a parish plan it has to legally be driven by the parish council, but a separate group was developing it and liaising with the council.
Karl October 14, 20158:15 PM

7 Accounts for approval and payment

Cllr. F. Raspin asked about the two litter bins and if they were for Bakestone Moor.  They are, the bases were set today.
Karl October 14, 20158:18 PM

8 Financial Reports

Wages Summary – No issues to report.

Bank reconciliation – Cllr. Ellis undertook this.

The 2nd precept payment for the year has been received along with investment interest.
Karl October 14, 20158:18 PM

9 Notice of Conclusion of Audit

The notice has been posted on 30th September 2015.
Karl October 14, 20158:38 PM

10 To consider controls to manage the impact of the skate park (Cllr T Munro)

Cllr. Munro read out part of the report from Mike Stigwood, the senior member at the acoustic consultant.  He commented that the ramps need more bracing and there are still loose panels.  The recommended option from him was a concrete construction which would also be safer in his opinion.
The issue with loose panels should be taken up with the contractor.  Cllr. F. Raspin stated that he thought what Proludic had sold the council was not fit for purpose especially based on information it appears councillors were given at the time.
A member of the public who was on the council at the time said he found it disturbing that panels were coming loose and that he would of expected fixings suitable for environments with vibration would be used so they did not work loose.
The Clerk suggested a meeting with senior people from Proludic and Urban Ramps, Cllr. Munro suggested inviting the acoustic consultants as well.
Cllr. Mills asked what would happen with the funders if the equipment was replaced by concrete ramps?  Cllr. Munro started that if they were replaced there would not be an issue, but if they were removed then there would be a graduated scale of payback.
Cllr. Munro suggested writing to all local schools asking their pupils not to use the skate park before 9AM and after 6PM.  He also suggested the councillors organise together to go up to the skatepark in the evenings to remind the users.  Cllr. Ellis suggested that the signage needs to be child friendly rather than a fairly dry black and white notice, although it needed to be worded carefully.
Karl October 14, 20158:39 PM

11 Notice of election of a parish councillor 

The Clerk reported that there are two candidates, Malcolm John Ritchie & Charlene Wale and the polling stations are at the centre and Bakestone Moor.
Karl October 14, 20158:42 PM

12 To consider elections to the Allotments Working Group

Cllr. Mills provided information on what the working group does and gave some examples of recent issues discussed.  Cllr. Mills is happy to remain on the working group.  Cllr. Munro would also join.
Karl October 14, 20158:43 PM

13 To approve the £30 submission fee for the General Power of Competence

The Clerk informed on the process for accepting the General Power of Competence.  Moved.
Karl October 14, 20158:44 PM

14 Whitwell Cricket Club Success (Cllr T Munro)

Cllr. Munro informed that the club has two teams.  The 2nd team was promoted to division four and the 1st team has been promoted from division one to the championship.  Cllr. Munro asked that the council write and congratulate the club.  Moved.
Karl October 14, 20158:48 PM

15 Armistice (Cllr T Munro)

Cllr. Munro informed for the benefit of newer councillors that WPC has no involvement in organising the Armistice Day Parade unlike in many parishes,  it has traditionally been organised by the Royal British Legion.

The Clerk informed that the road closure has been applied for and that she has contacted the police.  The RBL informed that the Holmefield Arms has raised £70 towards the £100 fee for the band to play.  The parade will start at Claylands coming down Bakestone Moor.  Cllr. Mills informed that all councillors are entitled to parade.

Karl October 14, 20159:01 PM

16 To consider responding to the DCC Minor Maintenance Scheme Consultation

Proposal to terminate the current scheme and replace with a revised scheme which provides scope for a greater level of works.  The new scheme would fund up to £600 per annum, the current scheme is around £400 maximum.  A debate ensued on what it entails. Cllr. Munro thought it was a way for DCC to pass some of its responsibility over to parish councils whilst only paying them a fraction of their costs.
Cllr. Mills asked if the legislation has been changed for footpaths as there are many laws in relation to them and response times and would they pass on to the parish council if it accepted a new agreement that covered footpaths?  Cllr. Munro though more emphasis was on the land owners now.
Cllr. Green stated that expressing an interest was not a commitment to join the scheme.  The council would express an interest and ask for more information.
Karl October 14, 20159:01 PM

17 Correspondence:-

Karl October 14, 20159:02 PM

17.1. BDC – Invitation to Chairman’s Charity Brass Band Concert

Cllr. Munro is attending.
Karl October 14, 20159:04 PM

17.2. Creswell Crags – Invitation to the launch of ‘Hyena!’

Cllr. Munro provided some information on the exhibition.  The remains of a Hyena had been found in the UK and this will be the focal point of the exhibition.  23rd October, 15:30.
Karl October 14, 20159:05 PM

17.3. First World War: Different Perspectives event on 16.10.15

2018 will be the centenary of the end of World War 1.  Cllr. Munro will be attending some training as there is an effort to get communities to commemorate it.
Karl October 14, 20159:08 PM

17.4. Mr Widdowson – local film

Unfortunately Mr Widdowson has not attended tonight.  He wishes to film on the allotments at Mill Lane for a local film.  The Clerk read out a description of the scene they were wishing to film.  Cllr. Ellis informed the gentleman makes a lot of short local films.
Karl October 14, 20159:20 PM

17.5. Whitwell Primary School – safety barrier

A letter from the Clerk of the Whitwell School Governors.  They would like the council to consider installing an improved safety barrier at the bottom of the footpath coming from the school on to Station Road.  Governors are concerned about the safety of children coming down the path to the road, especially as there is no pavement on the school side of the road and the route is a designated high vehicle route and used frequently by coaches and busses.

Cllr. Munro as Chair of Governors provided more clarification on the issue.  Cllr. Munro suggested asking the handymen if they could think of a solution as they are very good at that kind of problem solving.  Cllr. Ellis suggested a “Stop Line” like you see on train platforms so parents can educate children to stop at that line.  Cllr.Munro suggested contacting Trustseal as they are a highways contractor. A member of the public suggested a red stop line with a green stop box behind it for children to stop in.

Karl October 14, 20159:22 PM

17.6. Whitwell Community Centre – Whitwell gala

The friend of Whitwell School have requested a combining of Whitwell Gala with the School Gala at the school field.  The council has no objections.
Karl October 14, 20159:23 PM

17.7. Rotherham Local Plan

Karl October 14, 20159:24 PM

17.8. BDC – draft statement of principles made under the Gambling Act 2005.

Karl October 14, 20159:25 PM

17.9. DCC – Parish & Town Council Liaison Forum

Monday 23rd November 6-8PM at County Hall, Matlock. Cllr. Munro will attend.
Karl October 14, 20159:25 PM

17.10. DALC Circular No. 23/2015 – Employment/Planning/Transparency/CILCA/Banking/ Councillor Induction/Vacancies

Karl October 14, 20159:25 PM

17.11. DALC Circular No. 24/2015 – CILCA/Vacancy

Karl October 14, 20159:30 PM

18 Planning Matters         

18.1. 15/00495/OUT – Outline planning application for the erection of 6 units with associated car parking, The New Middle Club, Welbeck Street, Whitwell.

Cllr. Ellis has concerns on parking overspilling on local roads as there currently is not enough parking for local residents as it is, even with two spaces per house.

The council has concerns about the density of housing, vehicular access and parking given the current difficulties with access and parking.

Karl October 14, 20159:33 PM

19 Progress Reports

Cllr. J Raspin presented a written report on the summer playscheme.

Cllr. Green informed that she had not been able to attend the Parish Council Liaison at BDC due to university commitments and would like to step down so that someone else could attend instead.  This will be an agenda item for December.

Karl October 14, 20159:33 PM

20 Date of Next Meeting 

11th November 2015.  Cllr. Mills gave her apologies.
Karl October 14, 20159:39 PM

21 Fifteen minute public session for members of the public to comment on items discussed at this meeting (no decisions can be made on any items raised in this session)

A member of the public asked if the handymen could do a survey on the bins. Cllr. Munro suggested this was DCCs job to know where they are and the states of fill.

A member of the public asked how having the gala at the school would affect having a licensed bar.  Cllr. Munro stated it shouldn’t as they have had one previously.

Cllr. Ellis asked if the access the developers of the New Middle Club wished to use was public or private?  Cllr. Munro stated that was something for the planners to look at.

Karl October 14, 20159:39 PM

22 To consider a resolution under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings Act 1960) to exclude members of the public and press from the remainder of the meeting on the grounds that publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.


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