2014-11-09 – Whitwell Remembers

More people than I’ve seen in 10 years of living in Whtiwell turned out today to pay their respects in the glorious sunshine.

The parade this year started at Hodthorpe Club and came up Welbeck Street and down hangar Hill in to The Square, led as usual by Whitwell Brass Band.

20141109-Karl | Whitwell Parish

2013-11-10 – Whitwell Remembers

It doesn't seem like twelve months since we were last posting pictures of Whitwell's wonderful remembrance service, but alas it is.

There’s Nothing For Kids To Do!

It's something we've all heard people say a thousand times, that's there's nothing for kids to do in Whitwell.

They're bored.  They've got nowhere to go

They're always hanging round on corners or outside shops

Who's to blame?

We all are!  There never will be anything for them to do unless more people are willing to help give them something to do.  As with any village there are a core group of people in Whitwell who seem to be involved in everything and unfortunately they can only be in one place at a time.

Whitwell Needs You

It needs you, it needs your friends and it needs your family.  Whitwell needs everyone to give a little back.  If everyone gave a little then a lot more would get done and there would be a lot more for everyone to do in the village, most importantly for the children of our community.

I'm Busy!

We all are.  The people who run the drama/sports/other club that your children go to, they are busy people as well.  They have families, full time jobs/run their own business(es), they're in full time education, or caring for a relative, or any combination of.  They still find the time.

I don't have any experience!

Neither did the people who currently run all the various groups and events in the village when they started out, everyone has to start somewhere.

I can't commit time every week!

For a lot of groups that won't be an issue as long as they know in advance when you aren't available to help.

People Make Communities

People are what makes a community work.  Every one of us can make a difference if we choose to.  If we choose not to then we shouldn't be surprised if everyone else does the same and nothing gets done.

Clubs and groups will close and new projects won't get built unless people choose to get involved, without volunteers eventually there won't be a Youth Club, there won't be Junior Players, <a.n.other group>.  Without community involvement there won't be new facilities in Whitwell – no one will give funding to groups that can't show people want a particular project/facility and that there are people to help make the project happen.

Please Help

Please help Whitwell.  Find out what groups need volunteers, even if you can only spare a couple of hours per month it can help.  If you get a questionnaire about facilities etc. in Whitwell then please fill it in, don't just bin it and complain when nothing changes.  Whitwell needs you.

Parish Council By-Election – The Candidates

As we reported back in October Cllr. Sandy Frow resigned from the Whitwell Parish Council leaving a vacancy on the council.

As ten or more residents of Whitwell requested an election to fill the vacancy a by-election will take place on Thursday 10th Januaey 2013 between 7AM and 10PM with voting taking place at the Community Centre and the Bakestone Moor Friendship Hall.

Bolsover District Council today published the official list of candidates for the election, they are as follows in the published order:

  • AUSTIN, Karl Peter Hill; Whitwell Residents Assocation
  • BURDETT, Simon Charles; The Labour Party

Candidate names were taken from the list published on the Bolsover District Council "Upcoming Elections" page on 13th December 2012, 10:30.

2012-11-11 – Whitwell Remembers

I know we say the same each year, but it really is fantastic to see how many people turn out to pay their respects to those who gave their lives for our freedom.

In case you couldn't make it, then we have the pleasure of sharing our photos (although we apologise as they're not up to standard of previous years).

Superfast Broadband – Now Available!

Whilst the Openreach Superfast Broadband site doesn't list Whitwell as finished, some street cabinets are now ready.  You can find out if your cabinet is enabled by going here: https://www.btwholesale.com/includes/adsl/main.html and entering your phone number.

Remember, you don't have to order from BT – Fibre broadband is available from nearly all ISPs including TalkTalk, Sky and smaller ones such as Zen, AAISP, Goscomb etc.

If you do get connected up we'd love to hear from you about who you went with and what speeds you're seeing.

Parish Councillor Resigns

As some of you will already know, Cllr. Frow has handed in her resignation to the Whitwell Parish Council and it was accepted on the 10th October 2012 at the Parish Council Meeting.  This leaves a vacancy on the Parish Council and 3 possible options:

  1. Things continue as they are now, with 7 of 8 council seats filled (4 Labour, 3 Residents Association).
  2. The Parish Council co-opts a member on to the council.
  3. An election is called for by residents of Whitwell Parish, this has two outcomes:
    1. Only one person decides to stand for election, in which case they are duly elected.
    2. More than one person stands and a ballot is required as per normal election time procedure.

Option 2 would have an effect on the Parish Councils policy of pursuing Quality Status for the council, as it is not possible to obtain Quality Status with co-opted members.

Anyone wishing to see a fully democratically elected council (we expect a majority of the current council would like to co-opt based on what we picked up from the council meeting) would need to obtain ten signatures on a letter addressed to the Returning Officer at Bolsover District Council before the 24th of October 2012 requesting that an election be called to fill the vacancy on Whitwell Parish Council.

If the above description fits you and you're not sure you can get ten signatures from like minded members of the parish then please let us know and if anyone else wishes to do the same then we will put you all in touch with each other.

We'd also like to hear from you on what you consider the desired outcome/option at this moment in time.

Superfast Broadband

We know there have been a few doubters on the issue of Superfast Broadband (FTTC) ariving in Whitwell, but it is happening – and we've got the pictures to prove it!  These were taken 20 minutes ago and Openreach were also here last night doing work as well, apparently the council (Bolsover we assume) will only let them do these works in an evening.

The pictures below (sorry for the quality) show Openreach putting in one of the main and final links to make it all happen.

We also spoke with the Openreach engineers who told us you'll have to be quick when it does go live as currently each street cabinet only has 100 tie pairs to it – meaning only 100 lines on each cabinet can get service to start with.  So if you do want it, then it might be a good idea to register your interest with your ISP (It doesn't have to be BT Retail).

Whitwell Gala 2012 – Review & Photos

Due to the wonderful weather we're having at the moment the 2012 Gala moved to the Community Centre in a slightly slimmed down form, but that didn't dampen spirits (unlike the occasional shower).  To us the new venue created  amuch better atmosphere in the closer confines of the Community Centre and grounds.

The day also saw musical performances from Whitwell Brass Band in the morning, and local band After Hours later in the day with a great selection of rock classics and newer covers as well.

For the younger visitors the highlight was Savage Skills (as featured on ITV's Lets Get Gold) and their freestyle mountain bike stunt displays throughout the day.

Whitwell Well Dressing 2012 – Photos

The 40th year of the Whitwell Well Dressing saw an impressive display of 3 scenes, one created entirely by the members of the Scouts and Guides without any adult help.

The rain (mostly) held off, the sun shone (on and off), the band played, people sang, drank tea and ate scones whilst being entertained by Casper and the Fleas – Whitwell’s very own ‘Uke’ rock band.

Hopefully the Scouts and Guides have raised themselves some well earned funds in the process.