Whitwell District Council Election 2015 – Results

The results for the 2015 Whitwell District Council election are as follows:

MUNRO, TomLabour672Yes
RITCHIE, Malcolm JohnLabour544Yes
WEBSTER, George OwenWhitwell Residents Association538No
MAIDEN, StuartIndependent476No
STREETS, Malcolm JohnIndependent422No
MILLS, VivWhitwell Residents Association449No
ROBERTS, PeteIndependent244No

Burgundy Bins at Last!

Its finally happened, we’ve got proper kerbside recycling bins!

It’s taken a long time (7.5 years since we first asked), but finally we’ve got proper recycling facilities without having to cart big bags of recycling down to The Square, the supermarket or household waste recycling centre. Hopefully we’ll now see the recycling figures for Bolsover rise and a lot less paper blowing around the village on collection days.

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District Council 2011

The results of the 2011 Bolsover District Council elections on 5th May 2011 were announced on Friday 6th May 2011 and were as follows:

  1. 453 votes – Duncan Alistair Kerr (Green Party)
  2. 452 votes – George Owen Webster (Whitwell Residents Association)
  3. 383 votes – Thomas Ian Munro (Labour Party)
  4. 378 votes – Sandra Valerie Frow (Independent)
  5. 342 votes – Jeanne Marjorie Raspin (Labour Party)
  6. 326 votes – Vivienne Patricia Mills (Whitwell Residents Association)
  7. 19 Spoilt Ballots

The outcome means that George Webster retains his seat on the District Council for Whitwell Parish and Vivienne Mills loses her place on the District Council.

All results come in to effect Monday 9th May.