Privacy Policy


  • If we believe it beneficial and appropriate then we may share details of any communication, be it email; comments; photographs; or via other means, with other organisations – including but not limited to: Whitwell Parish Council, Bolsover District Council, Derbyshire County Council, another appropriate authorityor body.


  • If you make a comment on the site then it may be made public, the content of all comments are the resposability of the poster.  When you make a comment we will record your IP address.


  • When you visit the site we may set cookies on your PC that allow the site to function by carrying out essential functions such as remembering your login details, or when you last visited us.  If you do not wish for these to be set then you may disable them in your web browser – however this will cause certain aspects of the web site to not work.


  • If you email us then the contents of the email may be published on this site and shared via other sites including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter.


  • If you submit photographs to us then we will publish them along with your name.
  • If you submit photographs they may contain personally identifiable information inside of them, such as your name, your make and model of camera and other such details. It is your duty to remove these details if you do not want them to be seen (although we recommend keeping your name in the file – so that your photograph does not become an “orphan work” and others profit at your expense for using your images), we will not remove such data ourselves.

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