Half Moon – The verdict is in!

As promised back in August when the Half Moon became part of the Chef & Brewer chain I've finally had chance to eat there on a couple of occasions, the first time a couple of weeks ago and today (16th October 2011).

On our first trip back to the Half Moon we ate on a Sunday with my parents and the first thing we noticed was how much lighter it was inside – As my Mum put it, "It was more like no moon than Half Moon before".  The new interior is much nicer and brighter.

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Half Moon – New Chain

The Half Moon Public House on Whitwell Common is now part of the Chef & Brewer chain, they are promising a lighter, brighter and altogether nicer experience.  Based on my last visit to the Half Moon for food 2 years ago that wouldn't be all that difficult – 8 years ago when I first moved to Whitwell the Half Moon served great food, especially the Sunday roasts, unfortunately since then it's gone through a series of chains which have served up food that has been kept warm all day and had all the appeal of eating a brick (which would probably have been easier in some instances!).

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