Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 10th August 2011

1. Apologies

  • Cllr. Maiden
  • Cllr. Ellis
  • Cllr. Burdett
  • Cllr. Kerr

As Cllr. Maiden was unable to attend this meant that Cllr. Frow was chair of the meeting.  The meeting proceeded with Cllr. Frow explaining some changes that had been made to the meeting format, these changes are:

  • District & County Councillors as well as Police representatives to sit in the public “gallery” rather than around the table
  • Anyone who declares an interest in an agenda item other than in either of the two open forums must leave the room and not return until the item is dealt with

Both of these changes have been made to fall in line with current best practice for council meetings and help with the council obtaining “Quality Council” status (more of which later).

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Safer Neighbourhood Police Surgeries

The next 3 surgeries for the Whitwell and Hodthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Surgeries are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9th August
  • Tuesday 23rd August
  • Tuesday 6th September

All surgeries take place between 5PM and 6PM – Not an ideal time if you work outside of Whitwell unfortunately.  A better solution would perhaps be to have one per month at 5PM and the other one at 7PM.

Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – August 2011

This is your 1 week reminder that the next meeting of Whitwell Parish Council (WPC) will be held on Wednesday 10th August at 7PM in the Whitwell Community Centre.  If the meeting is anything like the July one then it’s well worth attending – many people who don’t regularly attend described it as “better than the TV”.  WPC is there to work for all of us in the Whitwell Parish – but if we don’t let them know what we think and join in with discussions it makes their job a lot more difficult than it already is.

As usual the agenda for the meeting can be found on the Whitwell Parish Council website.

Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 13th July 2011

Unfortunately due to holidays we didn’t actually have anyone at the most recent Whitwell Parish Council meeting, which is unfortunate as from speaking to those that did attend it was a very entertaining meeting – even though it did go on till 10PM.  What follows is in no way comprehensive and is based on speaking with members of the public who were in attendance.

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Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 8th June 2011


The main discussions from members of the public to councillors were:

  • Lorries – What can we do to stop them? Ken Stevenson is persuing a number of areas on this, with some more suggested by members of the public.
  • Housing – What is being done to improve social housing stock and get them filled?
  • Recording of Meetings – We raised this issue and it will be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting.

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Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – June 2011

The June 2011 Parish Council meeting will be held at Whitwell Community Centre on Wednesday 8th June 2011 – back to the usual slot of the 2nd Wednesday of the month.

The agenda for the meeting can be found at the top of the page here: Whitwell Parish Council – Meetings – Agendas and Minutes

Here at Whitwell.info we will be seeking permission to record the meeting and future meetings as a matter of public record – we’ll let you know how we get on with that.  If we’re allowed then we’ll be posting up the recordings (in whole and broken down per agenda item).