Safer Neighbourhood Police Panel Meeting – September 2011

The next meeting of the Safer Neighbourood Police Panel will take place at 6:30PM until 7:30PM at the Whitwell Community Centre – Hopefully this time it won’t have the time changed the dat before and then get cancelled!

This is your opportunity to raise any concerns with the Police Safer Neighbourhoods team and panel, and to bring any new ideas you may have to them as well.

Safer Neighbourhood Police Surgeries

The next 3 surgeries for the Whitwell and Hodthorpe Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Surgeries are as follows:

  • Tuesday 9th August
  • Tuesday 23rd August
  • Tuesday 6th September

All surgeries take place between 5PM and 6PM – Not an ideal time if you work outside of Whitwell unfortunately.  A better solution would perhaps be to have one per month at 5PM and the other one at 7PM.

Residents Association Meeting – May 2011

The next meeting of the Whitwell Residents Association will take place on the 19th May at 7:30PM in the Community Centre.  This is an open meeting, so anyone is free to attend and it will also incorporate the Police Community Liaison meeting as well.

If you want to get involved with what is going on in the village or have your say then the Residents Association is a good place to start – As it says on the tin, it’s there for the residents of the Parish and we’d like to know what you think and what you want, that’s why we’re here.