Whitwell Gala 2011 – A Great Day Out

If you didn’t come down to the Whitwell Village Gala this year then you missed a treat, the weather maybe wasn’t hte best but we avoided any major downpours and all had a great time.

This year saw the introduction of a couple of new items, the photo and art competitions as well as the “World Tiggy Off t’ Ground Championships” – Which was won by Northern Monkey.  Hopefully we’ll be ablre to get hold of copies of the winning entries for the art and photo competitions (We have the winning entry for the 11+ photo competition but not the others).

The Gala also saw the launch of the latest must have fashion accessory, the WAA Nose Clip – a bit of fun may be, but making a serious point that if we don’t all pull together to stop the Alkane Energy development then we’ll all be needing a nose clip to visit the Gala if it goes ahead.

The Whitwell Welly Wanging Champion 2011 was also crowned and presented with their trophy – of which we’ll be posting up later.

Whitwell Village Gala 2011 – Art & Photo Competitions

This year there’s something new at the Whitwell Village Gala – there will be Art and Photo competitions running.

Art Competition

  • Ages 5 and Under
  • Ages 6 to 11
  • Ages 12 and over
  • No limit on the number of entries

Photo Competition

  • Theme: Wildlife or Landscape
  • Ages 11 and Under
  • Ages 12 and over
  • No limit on the number of entries

All entires must be in before 2PM on the 16th of July (the day of the Gala) and can be haned in at the community centre office or at the Gala itself.