Parish Council By-Election – The Candidates

As we reported back in October Cllr. Sandy Frow resigned from the Whitwell Parish Council leaving a vacancy on the council.

As ten or more residents of Whitwell requested an election to fill the vacancy a by-election will take place on Thursday 10th Januaey 2013 between 7AM and 10PM with voting taking place at the Community Centre and the Bakestone Moor Friendship Hall.

Bolsover District Council today published the official list of candidates for the election, they are as follows in the published order:

  • AUSTIN, Karl Peter Hill; Whitwell Residents Assocation
  • BURDETT, Simon Charles; The Labour Party

Candidate names were taken from the list published on the Bolsover District Council "Upcoming Elections" page on 13th December 2012, 10:30.

Parish Councillor Resigns

As some of you will already know, Cllr. Frow has handed in her resignation to the Whitwell Parish Council and it was accepted on the 10th October 2012 at the Parish Council Meeting.  This leaves a vacancy on the Parish Council and 3 possible options:

  1. Things continue as they are now, with 7 of 8 council seats filled (4 Labour, 3 Residents Association).
  2. The Parish Council co-opts a member on to the council.
  3. An election is called for by residents of Whitwell Parish, this has two outcomes:
    1. Only one person decides to stand for election, in which case they are duly elected.
    2. More than one person stands and a ballot is required as per normal election time procedure.

Option 2 would have an effect on the Parish Councils policy of pursuing Quality Status for the council, as it is not possible to obtain Quality Status with co-opted members.

Anyone wishing to see a fully democratically elected council (we expect a majority of the current council would like to co-opt based on what we picked up from the council meeting) would need to obtain ten signatures on a letter addressed to the Returning Officer at Bolsover District Council before the 24th of October 2012 requesting that an election be called to fill the vacancy on Whitwell Parish Council.

If the above description fits you and you're not sure you can get ten signatures from like minded members of the parish then please let us know and if anyone else wishes to do the same then we will put you all in touch with each other.

We'd also like to hear from you on what you consider the desired outcome/option at this moment in time.

Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – 11th April 2012

For the sake of clarity: These are not official minutes of the Whitwell Parish Council.  These are notes taken and produced by for the benefit of the community so that you may see the discussions and reasons around the decisions made, not just that a decision was made on your behalf as a resident.  Whilst we strive to make them 100% accurate, mistakes do unfortunately happen – If you spot a mistake, please let us know so that we may correct it as soon as possible.

We recommend that you read these notes in conjunction with the Whtiwell Parish Council meeting minutes when they become available from the Community Centre or on the Parish Council Website.

In Attendance

  • Cllr. Scott Ellis
  • Cllr. Sandy Frow
  • Cllr. Stuart Maiden (Chair)
  • Cllr. Viv Mills
  • Cllr. Jeanne Raspin
  • Cllr. George Webster
  • Norma Woolley (Clerk)
  • Barrie Woodcock (Financial Officer)
  • Cllr. Duncan Kerr
  • PCSO Fox (Clowne)
  • 11 members of the public

1. Apologies

  • Cllr. Viv Mills
  • Cllr. Tom Munro
  • Cllr. Ken Stevenson

2. 15 Minute Open Forum

2.1 County Councillor

As Cllr. Stevenson was not present there was no report.

One member of the public highlighted that the kerbstone on the cenotaph has not been re-set.

2.2 Police

PCSO Fox gave the crime figures for March 2012, they were:

  • 3 Theft
  • 5 Criminal Damage (1 Detected)
  • 1 Assault (Detected)
  • 3 Violence (2 were the same incident)
  • 1 Drug Related

This was an improvement on the figures from February. In terms of nuisance, PCSO Fox stated that there has been a reduction in reports with the team covering the area, with nuisance letters being sent and home addresses being visited. There had been 25 incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour previously and the last month there have been two up to now. BDC and the police have handed out leaflets to parents explaining their responsibilities with regards to anti-social behaviour.

PCSO Fox added that a speed gun request has been put in.

Cllr. Frow asked if PCSO Fox was aware that on Good Friday there had been kids around the Community Centre and had kicked a football through the kitchen window. This was next to the washing up area, thankfully nobody was injured. She complained that the youths are not stopping and asked why there cannot be zero tolerance. She wanted to know what is being done about it as it is not enough to give crime figures. She stated that WPC knows that letters have been sent but there is no improvement. PCSO Fox responded that there is ABC after two letters have been sent. If a breach occurs it would depend on the child how it was treated. Cllr. Frow stated that WPC is paying for the Community Centre and Recreation Ground to be repaired. The kids are not taking notice.

PCSO Fox explained that the police have asked for youth services but there is no funding. They looked at the option of a youth centre. If people get caught causing damage it will go on record but they need to be caught for example by CCTV, descriptions, names etc. Cllr. Frow stated that she does have a crime number.

PCSO Fox stated that the section was not working on Good Friday due to funding. She requested that everyone keeps reporting the incidents adding that it had worked in Clowne and Creswell. However the figures are not high enough in Whitwell for a dispersal order. People need to ring in incidents at the time they are happening not after.

One member of the public stated that there is a problem in that villagers do not want to trouble the police each time as they know the police are busy. However people are getting fed up now. PCSO Fox appreciated that and emphasised that everyone is doing all they can. Another member of the public stated that it is clear that the frontline are doing all they can but they need to get funding to support them.

Cllr. Frow raised concern about the number gathering in the village. PCSO Fox stated that they need people to ring in incidents as the police cannot split groups up unless they are causing a problem. Some are just meeting and chatting.

A member of the public asked if the CAN Rangers are doing anything. PCSO Fox stated that they tell the CAN Rangers what problems there are but she is not aware if anything has been fed back as Whitwell is not her area. The member of the public stated that WPC should contact the CAN Rangers and ask what they are doing. PCSO Fox agreed to feed this back to PCSO Lee and PC Taylor.

A member of the public highlighted that by the estate on Southfield Lane people are parking on the pavement preventing people with mobility scooters getting past. Another member of the public highlighted a problem with people parking in the turning area of Bridge Close making it difficult for some to get out of their drives. Another member of the public highlighted that on Hillside people are blocking access to driveways as the road in narrow and they are parking opposite.

2.3 District and Parish Councillors

A member of the public informed Cllr. Webster that the street sign on The Green is missing. Cllr. Webster explained that it is in a garage at the moment as it was not put up properly. It was therefore taken down and will be put up again next week.

Cllr. Kerr stated that in terms of Alkane the H&CA has had no contact and they are speaking to BDC. Alkane has not made contact regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment. H&CA have re-valued the site and reduce it to £150,000. There is an option of buying it with buy-back at a lower price.

Cllr. Webster stated that yesterday approval was received for the Enterprise Zone at Markham Vale. BDC have joined forces with Sheffield City Council. Cllr. Webster had brought a copy of the website for the councillors to review. He stated that there should be at least 5000 jobs guaranteed on the site. If we get ‘big hitters’ it should be a success. Having Sheffield City Council onside should help. A member of the public asked who people should contact to set up on the site. Cllr. Webster is to provide a copy of the page.

A member of the public stated he had attended to discuss a skate park. People complain that young people are on the streets causing problems but there is nothing for them to do. Cllr. Maiden has invited Mr. Cook to attend the Initiative Group following his letter to give ideas on what he wants for a skate park and where. The biggest problem is finding the money. One local park recently cost £175,000. As a council, Cllr. Maiden doubts that this is affordable and so WPC need to know the most important bits. There will be a meeting at Bakestone Moor towards the end of the month. He would be grateful if the five young members of the public present go along too and support Mr. Cook.

A member of the public asked if a skate park was not feasible could Whitwell have Extreme Wheels like Creswell. Cllr. Maiden responded that the issue was money but added that it could be an option.

Another member of the public asked where the young skate now. A member of the public responded they go to Clowne. They did skate around Hillside Stores but they called the police. They can go to Worksop but it costs £2.10 for a return bus ticket. If they go to Sheffield there is a charge to skate indoors.

Cllr. Maiden stated that WPC are aware or the problem and agreed that something needs to be done.

The young members of the public left their names and phone numbers so that WPC can contact them about the Initiative Group meeting.

A member of the public suggested that the Robinsons advert for grants could be an option.

Another member of the public asked if WPC wanted photographs of what is required. Cllr. Maiden responded that WPC have seen some but they do not know if that is what people want. He added that Mr. Cook has been given the details of what has been looked at.

A member of the public asked if the money the WPC has put aside could be used to fund a minibus for the children to go to Sheffield. A member of the public stated that a bus had been provided in Warsop to go to Leeds adding that it is not fair that Clowne and Creswell get parks but not Whitwell.

Cllr. Kerr stated that HBPC have put in for Extreme Wheels in Hodthorpe and if they work with WPC they would only get half of the money. It costs £10,000 for 30 sessions at a discounted rate. He stated that it is important to know what the councils want to do in the future. Cllr. Kerr suggested that WPC could apply and HBPC share.

Cllr. Maiden suggested that if Alkane does not go ahead AIRSOFT (similar to paint-balling but with sponge balls) could be put on the site. Cllr. Kerr agreed that it would be a good site as it is close enough for people to gather but far enough away to avoid concerns about noise.

A member of the public observed that the woods at Bakestone Moor are not used. Cllr. Maiden stated that he has given website details to Mr. Cook about a BMX track which could go between the trees. He added that when WPC sort the path at Bakestone Moor allotments that the soil could be put on that site to build jumps etc.

A member of the public queried the minutes of the last meeting. There is a reference to fencing at the allotments in the accounts and he wondered where this was. Mr. Woodcock stated that it was a length of broken fencing behind a plot on Mill Lane.

Cllr. Ellis observed that the dog-poo bins by the quarry are full and need emptying. Cllr. Webster stated that he has mentioned it this week.

Cllr. Raspin queried that as it is a new financial year should there be a discussion on a gardener. Cllr. Maiden stated that this would be later in the meeting.

3. Resumption of Standing Orders

  • Moved

4. Matters Arising from Item 2

Cllr. Maiden requested that WPC write to the CAN Rangers to ask what they are doing in terms of anti-social behaviour.  Cllr. Webster acknowledged that there have been extra patrols on Friday and Saturday nights.

5. Approval of the Minutes of the Last Meeting

There were no required changes.  The minutes were approved.

6. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting

Cllr. Webster: 2.3.2. BDC litter picked the grass verge and collected 20 bags full. Cllr. Webster was surprised by this.

It was queried whether the Fire Safety Officer had been invited to the June meeting. The clerk confirmed that they have been invited to the Open Meeting.

Cllr. Raspin queried item 10. Cllr.Frow stated that there has been no progress on the policies as she is waiting for Cllr. Munro to return from holiday.

Cllr. Frow stated that in relation to item 12 she had a meeting with Tom Berris to raise concern that setting up a youth club comes down to money. There are dinner ladies at the school who would like to run a club. DCC will pay for CRB checks and train people. Cllr. Frow wants to get a youth bus into the village. Cllr. Maiden stated that the youth service is running as it is at the moment as no decision has been made. Somebody is looking into what can be done. Cllr. Frow stated that they had said they will try to get the youth bus as soon as possible. It will not be easy to get a youth club going but Cllr. Frow is hoping to get support and training. She would prefer to have training for youth workers. Cllr. Raspin stated that a management committee will be needed adding that WPC could help with this. Cllr. Frow suggested that Bakestone Moor could be used two nights a week. There has been no comeback regarding the bus. Cllr. Frow stated that WPC will have to write and push for it.

Cllr. Webster stated that for item 17 apprenticeships, Mike Gibson will come and talk on 13 June.

Cllr. Raspin gave an update on the playscheme. She stated that it was brilliant. Cllr. Raspin attended for a day and was impressed. Cllr. Frow agreed saying that WPC can be proud of the staff who put in a lot of effort.

Cllr. Raspin stated that the presentation of the MUGA that Cllr. Maiden attended was at very short notice but asked that the councillors be emailed about such meetings in case more of them can attend as well. Cllr. Maiden stated that there will be a presentation on 17 April to WPC including samples. A MUGA can be 18m x 13m to football pitch size. Cllr. Maiden asked the councillors to think of questions ready for the presentation. Cllr. Webster asked if it is the same as at B2net. Cllr. Maiden stated that it is not real grass and is not astro-turf.

Cllr. Maiden suggested to Cllr. Kerr that HBPC may want to attend. The meeting will be at 7pm.

7. Accounts for Approval and Payment

There were no queries. Cllrs. Ellis and Webster signed the cheques.

8. Financial Reports

Mr. Woodcock had no concerns but a couple of items were slightly over. Cllr. Maiden highlighted items 8, 12 and 45. Mr. Woodcock stated that item 45 is the whole of the playscheme. Cllr. Maiden stated that there was overspend but it is only a small amount of the whole budget. Item names are to be changed next month.

9. Correspondence

Cllr. Ellis queried item 1 on the list of items not requiring a decision. This was from BDC regarding a street sports programme which would bring activities to the village. It needs a venue. Those interested should respond by 30/3/12 and so the deadline had been missed. It will cost £72/week for 10 weeks. It was agreed to respond acknowledging that the deadline had been missed however the letter had arrived after the last meeting. WPC is interested in the programme.

There was a response to Mr. Woodcock’s letter to the Street Cleaning Manager at BDC regarding litter-picking. Someone had been sent to pick at Boaler’s corner. The centre of the village and Welbeck Street are picked on Fridays. The Street Cleaning Manager would be happy to discuss any other concerns. Cllr. Maiden stated that WPC should respond suggesting that the cleaning takes place earlier in the week as the problem occurs at the weekend. The councillors agreed to this.

Dan Wild from the cemetery contractor had raised concerns. A photograph was circulated around the table. The photograph had been taken by an operative at the cemetery of the compost heap for visitors. The heap is intended to reduce landfill but the operatives are having to deal with other waste which is encouraging rats. The other waste includes dog waste, knives and scissors. Mr. Wild asked that WPC request people dispose of their waste properly. Cllr. Maiden suggested another sign be put up more clearly.

Cllr. Frow asked if there are notices about wreaths etc. Cllr. Maiden stated that the sign is over all. Cllr. Raspin suggested the sign should include the word “respect”. It was agreed to put up a notice before the weekend.

10. Planning Matters

Cllr. Webster declared an interest and left the room.

There were no planning matters.

Cllr. Webster returned to the room.

11. Progress Reports

Cllr. Ellis asked for advice. He had thought of BMX or mountain bike track around the woods. He is part of a club that is racing this weekend and a track could easily be built. Cllr. Maiden stated he should take this to the Initiative Group meeting. It would be necessary to look at the site first.

12. Date of the Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on 9th May 2012, this will be the AGM.

13. 15 Minute Open Forum

A member of the public asked if Cllr. Webster was aware of the BDC correspondence (as he had already left the room when it was raised). Cllr. Frow stated that it was passed the date for response. She asked that he have a word about WPC being interested.

A member of the public asked about jumps. The council had taken them down last time they put them up. Cllr. Maiden explained it was because the children had not had permission to put them up. He added that WPC need to be careful of people hurting themselves and legislation. The member of the public asked where they could be sited. Cllr. Maiden stated that it is up to the children. The member of the public stated that there is a patch of land near the big tree on Bakestone Moor park which is not used. Cllr. Maiden stated it should be looked at at the Initiative Group meeting. Cllr. Ellis stated he would make sure that all the young members of the public know about the meeting.

A member of the public stated that there is already a MUGA. Cllr. Maiden stated that this would be different possibly with floodlighting depending on the cost. It would be at minimum tennis court size. The member of the public asked if people would have to book to use it. Cllr. Maiden stated it may be free but if floodlit there would be a charge for the electricity. He acknowledged that the young members of the public were raising valid questions and it was great that they were raising them.

A member of the public asked if the children paid for the lighting themselves would it be put in. Cllr. Maiden responded that it would be very expensive.

A member of the public stated that some people have been damaging the park and WPC are paying for the repairs. He stated that the young members of the public present need to tell their peers to stop this. One of the young members of the public stated that they have done. Cllr. Maiden added that what WPC are paying to repair could be used to pay for more facilities. A member of the public highlighted that in Langwith a shop had a collection for youth facilities but this is not being done in Whitwell. Cllr. Maiden stated that as a council WPC would not be looking for the public to pay. It is expected to cost £100,000.

A member of the public stressed that everything needs to be respected. Cllr. Kerr suggested that if the children pay towards the facilities they may respect them more. Cllr. Maiden stated that this could be looked at at the Initiative Group meeting.

A member of the public stated that his mother says that in Whitwell people are paying the most in taxes so it is not fair that the facilities are not being provided. Cllr. Maiden stated that the big problem with going to the funding bodies is that they look at where money has been given to in the area before and as Whitwell is not far from Worksop and Clowne etc we may not get it. This needs to be considered. Cllr. Maiden stated that it is great that the young members of the public attended and stayed all the way through. He reminded them to speak to Mr. Cook and look on the internet for ideas. A member of the public stated that when he was looking before Christmas there was a jump on eBay for £700. Cllr. Maiden stated that this is the kind of information needed. It would be good to find out what places do with the equipment when it is replaced. Cllr. Maiden promised to inform the young members of the public when the next meeting happens.

A member of the public stated that in Warsop the parked was locked up because of the damage done to the equipment. Cllr. Maiden stated that this is an issue. When the money has been spent on purchasing the equipment there is no money to repair it. WPC spent more than £3,000 repairing the Recreation Ground and this was more than had been budgeted for. Cllr. Maiden suspects that this was caused by youths from other areas.

A member of the public stated that there are a lot of youths from Clowne and Creswell getting drunk outside Pizza Time.

14. Resolution to Exclude Members of the Public

  • Moved


Whilst leaving one of the young members of the public thanked the WPC for listening to them.

Whitwell Parish Council Meeting – February 2012

The February 2012 meeting of Whitwell Parish Council will take place at 7PM on Wednesday 8th February in the Community Centre.

As usual you can find the agenda on the Whitwell Parish Council website.  Items of note include items 7 (Training), 8 (Grit bins) and 9 (Recording of meetings).  Item 9 being ourselves bringing up the subject of recording parish council meetings for all to access.